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    Well I have decided to do some interesting things coming up on my break that I am very excited about. As most of you know I am not sure if I will have a job this next year and with all the stress SO and I have been going thru with his daughter etc I need a good break and some me time. I have decided to drive down to Georgia for 4 days on my break in december 19-22 and visit some of my army friends I havent seen in years. One of them is in Afghanistan and is coming home for leave that week. Last night I had another friend who lives in England who invited to come spend a week with him, all expenses paid. We are going to take a trip to Italy and maybe Ireland as well. So I figure why not, its a free trip and I could use a good vacation. I've been locked up in my house between work and school for the last who knows how many months. I'm going live a little and go for it. You only live once. Who knows maybe I'll fall in love with Ireland or over there and change my whole life, one never knows but I'm not going to loose any opportunity to improve my life and do something most people may never have the opportunity to do in their life time.

    So I wanted to post some good im off to the chiropractor and then to clean the house cause I have a few friends coming over for thanksgiving.
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    Sounds like an AWESOME plan!! And when you come home from England you will be pregnant because you will have relaxed!!! Have a GREAT trip and kup!


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