Generic VS Brand name?

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Generic VS Brand name?

I called my insurance to find out if they are going to cover the HSG (they do!) and Clomid. They only cover the generic version of clomid, the brand name would have to be out of pocket.

I know some drugs are way better with the brand name, is this one of those cases? Just want to know ahead of time since the prescription has to be written with brand name or generic for the pharmacy Smile

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I've done multiple rounds of Clomid and they were all generic. The majority of them were successful, meaning I O'd, and my youngest son is a generic clomid baby. I don't know that I've really heard anything about the generic being any better or worse than the name brand.

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I am prego with a generic clomid baby. However, I have a friend who swears by the fact that she didn't get prego with the generic but as soon as she took the name brand she got prego with twins. ?!?!?! I'd like to hear more about this...

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Anyone else provide any input please? Smile

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Chem PG & Preg mentioned.

Hey Sandra!

All my clomid cycles were generic clomid also - I didn't respond very well to the lower doses (Not much difference between natural/medicated cycles as far as number of follies and development) - I did get PG on 100mg but it was a CP. The cycle we did the IUI, I was on 150mg and had A LOT of side effects - if I hadn't gotten pregnant they were going to switch me over to injectables. Both cycles I got PG I also used Ovidrel to trigger. I don't think that any of the things that happened are the result of using the generic though.

Overall I don't think there is any difference between the generic or the name brand (it's too regulated to have differences in the actual drug - some of the other ingredients may vary slightly) so I think you will be okay.

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I am going to be trying Clomid in July so no experience for generic vs name brand.

However, I asked a friend who works in pharmaceuticals (she works in drug trials for one of the big pharmaceutical names), and she said generics have to be 100% exactly the same as the name brand. They can't be different at all so really the question is a moot point. (This is for Canada though - might be different in the US).

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*Chemical Pregnancy Mentioned*

Both cycles I used the generic clomid. Both cycles I became pregnant and both cycles ended in CP.

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Ah thank you for the input Smile

Rachael: I'm not sure if its the same here, I just remember like when I was on Synthroid for my hypothroidism, the brand name was recommended over generic. I dont recall the reason why though since I'm no longer on it.

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I have been prego 4 times with generic clomid and I am currently 25 wks prego with a generic clomid baby.

My other 3 where losses but it had nothing to do with the clomid. Two where because my body doesnt absorb folic acid and low progesterone. And the other was a tubal

I hope whatever you decide it works for you and you get your BFP very soon!