Gross question....

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Gross question....

TMI alert!!!!!

So, I believe I have just been lucky enough to get a yeast infection. As you can see I am 8DPO and on CD 24 so what do I do?

Should I call my Dr? Can I use something over the counter???? Any help with be great!


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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!

I have no clue. The one time I had a yeast infection it was because I was on some pretty powerful antibiotics and I took some kind of pill from the doctor. I want to say the over the counter stuff is okay but definitely check with your doctor.

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Check with your Dr, But if that is not possible just ask the pharmasist. In the past I have just used Canisten without using the applicator, just appling it to the vulva and vagina area with gloves on.

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Molly, I would definitely check with the doctor before doing any over the counter meds. Good luck

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Hey Molly,

A friend of mine found out she was pregnant and then a few days later she had a yeast infection - the doctor gave her something to 'clear it up'
I think I'd double check on the over the counter items before taking them.

I do know that if you eat alot of plain yogurt (and avoid alot of sugars and starches) that it can help clear it up as the bacteria in the yogurt rids the excess candida in your body which creates a yeast infection.

g/l! Please KUP on what you find out as it would be good information to have incase it's needed in the future.

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Hey Molly! I say check with you doctor first. I had one once and I used the over the counter stuff. It worked ok. But I wished Id checked with my doctor first, though.

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Also, check into probiotics. Not sure if you can take those during pg or not.

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Maybe it wasn't a yeast infection because it just cleared up.... AF did arrive though so maybe that had something to do about it.

I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow so I will check more into it then!

Thanks for all the helpful info!