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Hi! My name is Jennifer, I'm 25 and DH is Derek, 28. We've been married 6 years now, together for 10. I was a member of this board back when we were TTC #1 so hopefully I can join again.

DH and I have been trying to TTC #2 for a couple of months now and the doctor said that when I go back to see her in August, we'll be starting Clomid. Yahoo

We have a 19 month old now and we found out when TTC him that I didn't ovulate which is why my OB is so willing to put me on Clomid so soon. We've been on metformin for questionable PCOS since May but haven't had any luck.

So anyway, that's a little of my story, like I said before, hopfully I can join you guys again and get to know you.

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Hi and Welcome! This is my first cycle on Clomid I am waitng for Af to start so I can take it! I hope your journey is not long at all! Smile

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Hi Jennifer, I hope that the clomid works for you quickly this time around.

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Welcome! I'm a new member to this board myself and I also have PCOS. I'm getting ready to start Femara, it's like Clomid but is supposed to have less side effects. I'm also on Metformin as well.

Best of luck to you!

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Welcome, and GL! Biggrin