Hello! (child, m/c's ment)

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Hello! (child, m/c's ment)

Hi Ladies,

I'm returning to Clomid, and figured I'll swing by & introduce myself. I'm 29, DH is 27, and our DS is 2 1/2. He's a clomid miracle. Biggrin We've had 3 losses over the last 5 years, always around 7-8 weeks along. We're finally seeing a clinic for recurring miscarriage, and I am SOOOO happy with the Dr. there! Yahoo After a whack of tests & finding nothing wrong, she's put me back on Clomid (5mg). This is my first cycle. We suspect that I have a mild case of PCOS (I don't always O on my own), and the Dr. thinks the lining of my uterus might have a problem, which would increase the chance of miscarriage. Apparently a common treatment for that is Clomid (and another one being progesterone).

Looks like I've O'd already this month, which is great, but I'm not quite sure which day - my chart isn't overly clear this month. Depending on what day I O'd, we could have done really well at timing DTD, or maybe really poorly. In either case, I'm trying not to stress about it.

Once I get pg, I'll get to have an u/s at 6 weeks (not typical where I live), and I'll be seeing the Dr. every 2 weeks. With my son, they didn't see me at all until my 2nd trimester, so I'm extremely happy about that. Plus my doc is really positive and reassuring.

So, things are looking up. Obviously I'm hoping for a short stay (for me as well as each of you), with happy results all around. But in the meantime, I look forward to getting to know you ladies.

Oh, and only a few side effects so far. A little moody/emotional, and I've gained a few pounds :eek: ... but otherwise not doing too bad. And it's all worth it, right?


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Welcome! I too hope that your stay is short and sweet! :goodluck: