Hello :) Intro and ?

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Hello :) Intro and ?

Hi Ladies,
My name is Ashly and my husband and I are ttc number 5! I was on the depo for a year and it has been 6 months with out it and no af yet. So my dr has decided to do 3 week course of estrogen 1 week of progesterone and 5 days of clomid 50mg. Honestly I have never had trouble getting pregnant my last to are about 10 months apart but I have never used birth control either. My youngest was born with some health problems and we didn't think we were going to have more but we changed our mind since our son is so much better!

So I am new to the clomid thing I am praying it works and my ob is praying I don't get twins! What should I expect. Does it always work with the first time? My husband said by reading the lables and side effects I am going to be not such a nice person Smile

Thank you for reading can't wait to get to know some of you Smile Good luck in your ttc journey!

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PG mentioned...

Hey Ashly! I'm no longer on Clomid... but I still like to lurk around this board quite a bit! I was on Clomid for 4 months... (2 rounds of 50mg and 2 rounds of 100mg) Then Femara for 2 months... Then it was time to give my body (and DH!) a break!

My biggest side effects were hot flashes, mood swings and a bit of nausea... But everyone responds differently!

Does it always work the first time? It didn't for me. In fact, I didn't get pregnant off of Clomid or Femara. I had what my doc refers to as "a spontaneous pregnancy", which we never expected to happen!

Sometimes all it takes is one round of Clomid... It's different for every woman. I wish you the best of luck! I'll come back to check in on you!

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Hello Ashly. My name is Kim. The only side affects I had from clomid were hot flashes and mood swings. Im on my 2nd round of 50mg of clomid. I agree the post before mine that its different for every woman.

Welcome to this board. I found the ladies here to be warm, welcoming, helpful and very supportive.

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Hi Ashly, I am also a forma Clomid chick, but have since moved on. My DS was concieved on a break cycle after 12+ months taking clomid.
My side effects ranged greatly, but the more I took of it the worse I got. And yep I was no fun to live with.
But with your proven fertility, this maybe all you need to kick start your cycles again after they were surpressed by the Depo shot.


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Hi Ashly! Every woman's body, every pregnancy and every side effect will be different so there is really no way to know for sure how you will respond. I've read a TON (as I'm sure you have too!) of success stories from women of all ages on Clomid so there is plenty of reason to believe that you will soon be in that crowd. I am starting my 3rd month on 50mg and the only side effect I can tell is hot flashes....which I will gladly take if it brings me a BFP!!

GL and I hope this is all you need to kick start your body for #5!!

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Welcome Smile and wow, big family! (I'm jealous)

I was on the depo shot for 2-3 years, and then went off about a year before ttc #1. I wasn't entirely regular before the shot, but I didn't O almost at all after the shot (my cycles were 3-4 months long). When I started clomid, the first cycle was really long, but then the second one was MUCH better, and after that they were quite normal. SO, don't be surprised if your body just needs to adjust at first. Hopefully it'll be better for you though.

This is my third time ttc with clomid. It took 5 rounds to get a BFP the first time I was on clomid, 1 round the second time, and I'm on my 2nd round this time. The doc said that the average chance of a bfp for each round is about 20-25 % (without any other obstacles like blocked tubes or etc). So if you look at it that way, that would be an average of 4-5 months. Based on you already having children without problem, I wouldn't be surprised if it's much shorter for you. Smile

For me, the s/e's really haven't been that bad. I was horrible to live with when ttc#1, but I think that was the stress & hopelessness that comes with infertility & loss. Since then, I might be a little more emotional on clomid, but nothing that DH notices (or perhaps he's just broken in by now... muahahahaha :devil:).

In any case, I hope your clomid journey is a short & easy one. Biggrin

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Hello there. I'm new to this board as well. I'm not taking Clomid but I will be starting Femara once AF arrives.

Hope you're TTC journey is a short one!

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Welcome to the board Ashly. Clomid never worked for me but I believe that is b/c I had a very big fibroid on my uterus. Good luck

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Hi Ashly,

I've been on Clomid for approx a year (with breaks) -- the first few rounds that we took it and BD did not work, we moved on to IUI and the second IUI works (BFP) but sadly it ended in a chem preg. It did not work for the next two IUIs but the last one here it worked (BFP) but sadly our lil bean decided not to stick. Since I have PCOS, the chances of a lil bean sticking are lower for me BUT it does not mean that Clomid does not work.
I'm sure that you'll find the right dose and method that works best for you -- g/l and please kup!