hoe quickly can I start clomid?

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hoe quickly can I start clomid?

Hello all
Im new to this board...heres my background I have pcos I havn't been on BC for over 5 years no other protection I have very irrgular AF My DH and I are ready to be pregant yesterday. I have to find a new OBGYN since my old one moved, I wanna know what the chances of my new dr starting me on clomid right away? How long did you guys wait before you started.
Thanks Jennie

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It will just depend on the dr but I would think they would start you on your next cycle. As long as you have been dtd unprotected for a year, they probably won't have an issue with it. Sounds like you've more than done that. Have you had any other testing done?? My dr was great and was very willing to be as proactive or relaxed as we wanted to be. If you haven't had any testing done, I would suggest at least having your DH tested. Its super easy, non-invasive and could give you a good idea about whats going on. That was one of the first things we did and I am so thankful we wasted no time as DHs swimmers weren't bad, but they weren't quite getting the job done Smile GL with your dr and KUP on how it goes!!

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Every Dr is different. That is going to depend on how he/she feels. I hope you can get on it soon Smile

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Well Ill let you all know I go see my new dr on Dec 13. Still no af since 10-23-10 many neg peg test to. So i may need some progesterone to get my cycle started. I hope I like my new DR. since my obgyn moved away