Holy Moly-Im so nervous!! (preg. ment)UPDATED

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Holy Moly-Im so nervous!! (preg. ment)UPDATED

Beta #2 :37 We are good to go!! My progesterone is low at 12 but I had stopped taking them when I thought my cycle was a bust. So, I am taking 3/day and I go back in 1 week to see how things are progressing. Continue sending sticky vibes. We have truly been blessed but it has certainly been a LONG road for us to get to this point. I continue to pray for each and every one of you. As much as we stress over labs, u/s, and all of that mess, never give up. My labs, u/s were definitely not on my side this month but it goes to show...never give up hope!! I have had a not so good cycle. My e2 only got up to 200, my mid luteal p4 only 10 and I kept getting negative after negative on my inernet cheapies! Well yessterday I went to the lab to get my beta drawn. I had already stopped my progesterone supplements and stopped testing b/c I was sure I am not pregnant. SO, the clinic calls today and says they want me to get my labs redrawn tomorrow because I was actually only 12dpo. I asked if it really matters and she said yes. I asked what the results were and she said it came back 11 so they want to see if it is really a positive or false positive. I know the pregnancy test was negative from days 7dpo-10dpo. I took another after the call from the clinic and I got a faint positive! I immediately inserted 4 (usually 3) progesterone suppositiories;) Please pray this is it for us. I am scared to death bc my level was so low!

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You could have implanted late. Anything over 5 is a positive, from what I have read.
FXed and sending prayers.

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Awe, Congratulations. Sending prayers your way

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OH MY GOSH!! How exciting!!!

Good luck and I will say some prayers for you!!! Please keep us POSTED!!!

Sticky vibes your way!!!

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It's very early so hang in there ~ I'm sending you doubling vibes!

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me to me to - i'm sending sticky sticky vibes and prayers and pixie dust your way! KUP !! Smile

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Good luck and hang in there.

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Although I am new to this board I wanted to pop in and say I am happy for you! I wish you the best of luck and a sticky bean Smile

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Congratulations!! Smile

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This is such wonderful news! Yahoo lots of sticky vibes!

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THAT IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :bigarmhug: I was just dying to log on and get the update on you!!!!

Many blessings to you and a HH9M!!! CONGRATS.