How often does or did your Dr up your clomid?

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How often does or did your Dr up your clomid?

When I started my first month I was on 50mg. For my sencond and thrid month I was on 50 also now my 4th month she went to 200 and she said if it does not work this time she will up it to 250. Is this normal? I am 5po so I am praying this cycle is it! In a few weeks we will have been ttc for 12 months! LONG LONG 12 months!

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When I did clomid my doctor only upped it when I didn't respond to it. So as long as I was O'ing he said it was a good amount. The months that I didn't O on clomid he would increase for the next cycle. My dosage went 50, 100, 150. After 150 he referred me to an RE that switched me to a Femara and Repronex combo. He said sometimes the clomid just isn't enough. Hope this cycle worked for you! Best of luck!