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What is an HSG and is this something I should ask about? I gather it is some kind of procedure but my doctor has never said anything about getting one done.


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It is a proceedure where they put dye through your tubes to see if there are any blockages/rips/problems etc. It is something you should talk to your doctor about. It could be painful, so I suggest you take some aleeve about 20 mins before the proceedure.

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I had it done about 2 years ago. It is an in-office procedure, it's fairly simple. It simply is a dye test. The dye is injected into the opening of the cervix and basically the dye will spread throughout the uterus & tubes. The dye is suppose to highlight any blockages, fibroids, tumors, cysts or/ anything abnormal and it's shown up on an ultrasound. It can be painful. It was VERY painful for me, I had severe cramping for a good 2 hours afterwards, I couldn't even stand up. :confused: I had on & off spotting for about 2 days after the procedure as well.

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I had an HSG in July to rule out blockages before I began my first round of follistim. The doctor told me I would have mild cramping, but it was probably the worst pain I've had in my life. I didn't have any blockages and they told me that my chances of getting pregnant increased because the dye being pushed through my tubes also helped to "clear out any cobwebs" that might prevent the egg to make a smooth transition to my uterus. I got pregnant 2 cycles later.

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I had this done last November I believe. I actually didn't have much pain with it. I did have some cramping but it was only while they were injecting the dye and as the dye dissipated the cramps were gone. I actually thought it was really cool to see my uterus and tubes on the X-ray. I even went back to work right afterwards. I would definitely try and get one done though. It was one of the first tests my OB did... It gives you very beneficial info!