HSG done

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HSG done

Well that wasn't the most pleasant test in the world. I had a lot of cramping during and still having cramping plus bleeding like a period TMI sorry. I am feeling upset though because I watched the screen as dye flowed into one tube. The doc tried his best to open up the other tube by pushing even more dye but alas..it didn't work. I almost was crying on the table looking at the screen because I knew that meant one tube isn't working for whatever reason. I should be thankful that I still have one dog left in the show, but geez, I can't ever have anything easy in life. I have a medical history that's pretty interesting so I'm not a new comer to the hospital scene. I will call the Fertility nurse/doctor on monday to see where to go from there. They have already talked about starting drugs depending on how the test looked. Thanks for reading this long rant. I'm just happy I have a husband who is wonderful and I live near my mother and sister.

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I feel ya, I had mine done about a month ago, and I just lost my left tube in Novemember, and it was so depressing to only see that one side. Like you though I remind myself that I still have one good one, but it is hard. We were going to move to doing IUI's but my RE suggested IVF (since our insurance covers it) since the main problem us one tube wonders rin into is trying to stimulate the ovary that still has a good tube. Hope your journey is short and sweet and ends with a beautiful sweet smelling baby at the end Smile