I Saw a LINE this morning!!!

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I Saw a LINE this morning!!!

Finally after one year of trying to conceive, I got to see a beautiful pink line this morning! (Sorry that I don't have pics...DH took my camera to work with him yesterday morning for some reason.) I called the doctor's office and they had me come in for bloodwork. My HCG was 149 and I think my progesterone was 77. I go next Tuesday and then the next for bloodwork. If my numbers are high enough in three weeks, they will go ahead and do my first sonogram at 6 weeks!

I am so excited! Thanks for all of your support over the last few months. You gals are great!I hope that we'll have some more BFPs pop up from this board in a few days.

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Yahoo congrats Andrea! That is so very exciting!! HH9M Smile

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That is the most amazing news! :bigarmhug:

HH9M's and keep us posted!

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Thanks ladies Smile I am so thankful for everyone's kind words through all of our chaos. I can't wait to see this precious angel in May.

Good luck to both of you...I hope your BFPs are just around the corner.

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PTL! Yahoo

Congratulations!!! Biggrin

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