Interesting Dr's appointment! TMI ALERT!!

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Interesting Dr's appointment! TMI ALERT!!

So, last months cycle was very strange for me... I was about ten days late on getting my period as most of you know.(Very Rare for me) I had severe pains and still do... I ended up in the hospital over the last weekend and found out I had a cyst rupture... That is nothing new for me. Since I was 9 years old and was lucky enough to get my period it's been happening So, I had an appointment with my OB on Tuesday and he did a pelvic exam while I was (TMI) gushing blood all over the place.. I was mortified.. I bled thru the pad they had underneath me... There was blood all over the floor along with clotting.. I was bright red I was so embarrased! My OB and his nurse made me feel comfortable though! Then I had an internal ultrasound... Same bleeding situation again there.... I just felt so uncomfortable... They had a sheet also wrapped around me and that was covered... Of course the sheet was bright white until it came near me! Unreal.... Well, he then after the internal ultrasound wanted to go back to the exam room because now he wanted a couple biopsy's of my uterus... Okay, I have had several biopsy's before in the past and THIS WAS EXCRUCIATING!!!! However, worth it because he thinks that I have a disease called Adenomyosis which he says I fit 100% symptom wise into having. Most women get this disease though late in their child bearing years but there are other women who get this disease earlier... He is about 99% positive this is what is causing all my issues so we just have to wait for the biopsy results!

I am sorry this was so long but I had to share my embarrassing appointment with you all! LOL.... So, maybe this will help us in the TTC department once they are able to treat it if I have it... I will keep you all posted!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has had this disease.. I would LOVE and APPRECIATE any info you may have.

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Oh friend! :bighug: I'm so sorry that you had such a horrifying AF! Sad But I'm thankful that your doctor can take care of you!

Still praying for you friend!

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Hi Molly!! I really hope you get an "answer" from the biopsy! Even if it's not good news... at least you'll know what you're up against. From my experience ~ "undiagnosed IF" is one of the most frustrating things in the world! Please KUP! :bigarmhug:

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Oh my gosh! You poor thing! At least everyone was so understanding and supportive. Hopefully the results are clear from the biopsy and you can move forward. KUP!

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Oh Molly, I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I am so happy your OB & the nurse made you feel comfortable. Good luck & please keep me posted

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Oh Molly!! I'm so sorry about your horrible experience!! I hope you can get some answers!! If you do have this, can they treat it? If it's treated will you be able to conceive easier?? My fingers are crossed for you friend!! I really hope things work out!! I hate that you're going through this!!

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Molly, so sorry to hear about your appointment, but as u said hopefully the doc is correct and this can be treated. Did u do any research on it and exactly what it is....Im curious to know. I feel as much as it hurts, its better to know what is wrong then not have any answers.