Introduction(Child ment)

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Introduction(Child ment)

Hi I thought I would introduce myself, Although I am not new to the site (have been around for about 5ish years now) or fertility meds, I have not been on this board since before my son was born.
We have been TTC agin since March 09. This week we are trying something different. I have tried clomid and needed, 10 days of it to get just one semi ok follicle, I changed RE's and he used Femra and on my first cycle I over stimulated and the IUI was cancelled. Second cycle I had two follicles and a BFN. I then had a lap, which discovered endometriosis, which I was not expecting to be the cuase of the pain. I have since had a natural IUI cycle with a new RE, had a medical break. This week we be trying Termoxifen in place of Femra/clomid. It will be another IUI cycle.

I am nervous and yet excited. I am hoping that this can help us. We are also dealing with MFI as well. I am finding it even tougher this time around, mostly becuase we have proven fertility (we fell pregnant naturally on a break cycle with DS), we have done this before. It seems to be making me more angry as well.

BTW has anyone else used this medication?


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I just wanted to say welcome.


I haven't even heard of that med. I hope your stay here is short-lived! Smile

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I haven't heard of that medication yet either, but I hope it does the trick for you!