IUI this weekend!

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IUI this weekend!

Just giving a little update since I have been so busy this past week. So I did the clomid challenge test - found out my FSH is slightly elevated (12.2). Still waiting for DH's SA results to come back next week, however when we went in for our ultrasound on Thursday to see how my follicles and lining were doing, the RE recommended we go ahead and do an IUI this Saturday. We decided to go ahead and schedule it, then less than 30 minutes later I found out my dad had collapsed at work and was being airlifted to a hospital. He's in the ICU but is starting to do better today especially after being extubated. We decided to keep our IUI appointment since I already did the HCG shot that night (first time giving myself a shot - the long thick mixing needle almost made me hyperventilate). Hopefully the stress will not hinder this cycle too much. Everything is happening so quickly. I really hope some happiness can come out this traumatic time.

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I am only image how much stress you are going through right now. I understand you wanting to go ahead with the IUI. I can almost bet your father would say go ahead with it too. I am keeping my fingers crossed and you get that little sticky bean...:babydustpink: baby dust for you