Last Chance Until Next Year

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Last Chance Until Next Year

Okay... just got the call. I trigger ASAP. Since I'm at work until 5:30 it will probably be around 6 this evening. My IUI is scheduled for 3:00 tomorrow. Usually I trigger at midnight and go in not the next day, but the day after. I'm a bit confused there-- unless it's because we have several eggs and they could all O at different times? Final measurements from this morning were: Right side- 19.2, 18.7, 18.5, 15.1 and Left side- 17.2 and 15.3 Yahoo If it doesn't work this time, we will be waiting until next Spring to try again. Wish me luck!

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Good Luck!

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Good luck!!!

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Good Luck Danielle! My fingers n' toes are crossed for you!