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Little Update

So I am feeling a little down after today. I was suppose to have oral surgery this morning but they made a huge error and I couldn't get it done and they tried everything to get me in right away again and I could'nt so I go Sept 8th and I was upset about that, Not like I want to get teeth pulled but I want it done!! So I called my OB back about the bloodwork I got yesterday.

The first round of estrogen and progesterone did not work I did not get my period!

She said I am not pregnant and my hormone levels look good but that the stupid Depo shot is in there and that is why I did not get my period back I probally did not O at all so the meds just didn't work. I was really sad about upset. She told me when I got on the depo it was the best choice and if I wanted to have more kids right away but not worry about taking a pill everyday the depo was best. Well I have been off depo almost 6 months and nothing. I am just angry sad I don't even know really.

So I have to go on a higher dose of the estrogen for 3 weeks the last 10 days take the progesterone with the estrogen if my period comes take the clomid on cd day5-9.

She said if it does not work this time there is nothing else she can do for me and I will have to let it come on its own and I really sad about this. And no one understands except the ladies on here and that hurts too it's like people are mean to people that have big familes but if this was my first baby they would be a little more concerned!

Sorry for the vent I just don't know where else to post about it. Thank you so much!!

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I'm sorry you're feeling down. I actually just had oral surgery myself last Friday. Hopefully they can get you in quickly.

Perhaps I don't understand something but why do they have you on 3 weeks of estrogen and then progesterone? If they just want you to start AF, the progesterone alone should do that. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies. But my doctor has always just given me progesterone to induce AF.

I have heard so many horror stories about ladies who have been on the depo shot. My SIL, well soon to be ex SIL, was on the shot and she had quite a time getting pg. I don't think I've heard 1 story of someone who was able to conceive quickly after getting off the shot.

Anyway, I'm sorry you're feeling blue today. I feel the same way today. A girl from work who is a very good friend of mine and I was talking to her about my appointment today and she just kind of said "well you know, it always just happened for me. I never had to work at it". She conceived both her children when they weren't trying and just made me upset. Also the fact that I ahve a child already I think people think much of that. Yes I know I already have a child but I want another child almost if not as much as I wanted to have 1 child. So I completely understand where you are coming from.


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I am sorry to hear about your appt and that you have had a hard time ttc both times. And honestly ttc the other 4 were very easy 3 were all 1 time and the last one I became pregnant during my 6wk pp from my 3rd baby. And after having my 4th we didn't want anymore right away and she said the depo was the way to go that some women get pregnant within weeks of getting off. I have never been on bc before this so I did not do my research.

I did take provera (progesterone) I took it for 14 days waited 2 weeks and nothing. So she said she wanted to do the round of estrogen for 3 weeks with the last 10 days with the progesterone again. Didn't work so round 2. The clomid is to help jump start ovulation.

I did get a 2nd Dr op. But I love my ob and don't want to go anywhere else just because my body just can't get back to normal. I guess I am upset that it is taking so long. And other people just don't understand. If you hve gone through it or are going through it than you understand.

I am happy with the 4 amazing kids I have but I feel like there is someone missing like our family is not done. I am just sad today maybe its the hormones!!

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(((hugs))) I have had a shocking time coming off BC too, but with non stop bleeding. I hope that this nightmare ends for you soon.