Metformin Question~ PG mention

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Metformin Question~ PG mention

I guess this would be as good as place as any to ask my question......Hope someone can help.

I started back up on Metformin about 3 weeks ago, ( I was on it a few years ago as well). Everything was pretty much as I remmebered it. Except for the past week my boobs are KILLING ME!! The only other times in my life that I have had sore boobs like this I have been preg. I was trying to hold off testing until Friday, but broke down and did one today....BFN, which I expect. The chances of me getting preg on my own are slim to none, but this boob thing is throwing me for a loop. I know that I actually did ovulate this cycle, (miracle) but I cannot pinpoint it exactly since I was unable to temp for about a week. I know that I O'ed that week though because I have a clear temp shift and my temps are still up. I would assume that I am about 10 dpo-ish. We were supposed to start the IVF process a few weeks ago but had to cancel it because my daughter had surgery (same reason I didn't temp).

So my question has anyone ever experienced sore BB's while on Met??? I know I didn't before and like I said the only time they feel this way is if I am preg.........