More Clomid questions

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More Clomid questions

Anyone mind if I ask more clomid questions? I took clomid days 5-9 and am now on day 15. My dr. wanted me to take my temp to see if I o'd so I decided to start fertility friend and chart. Well my temp taking times have not been consistent at all (my son doesn't sleep thru the night and my husband goes to work at different times) so much so that there was no way to even take my temp this weekend but I have been doing OPK and have gotten negatives.

So my question is when would you normally O with taking clomid days 5-9? I am really going to try to take my temp more consistently this week by setting my alarm at the earliesttime my husband has to go to work but I cannot control when my son decides to wake up. I don't want to miss this because even though we are BDing every other day i'm still worried that I won't O at all.

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What I find useful is a website called Clomid Calculator -- you plug in your first day you're going to take it and it will give you a week of when you're estimated to O. I use clearblue ovulation sticks (not the monitor) as per the advise of the fertility clinic to tell when I am Oing (we are currently doing IUIs) or not as well as CD21 b/w done as they can tell if you've Oed from that.


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Eva posted something about Clomid CD 5-9 girls tend to O around CD 20; that's what happened to me. Although without Clomid I tend to O around CD 20 anyway so that could purely be coincidental.

Are you going in for CD 21 b/w? My OPK's were pretty light until CD 20 and then BAM! a positive. GL and KUP!!

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I took Clomid this cycle for the first time CD 5-9 and I O'd CD19. I usually don't O until CD21 - 26 (on a consistent month).