My Clomid friends! (intro)

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My Clomid friends! (intro)

HI!!! My name is Miranda, I'm 32 and hubby and I have decided to give it a shot for baby #3. The first 2 were clomid babies in 05 and 08. We tried a couple years ago for #3 with clomid, but no success. We stopped at round 3. Hubby is on suboxone and cymbalta so that lowers our chances there too. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with low sperm count while on meds? I don't ovulate on my own, in fact, I have only started having periods on my own in the last 6 months. Usually its once or twice a year.

I was super hopeful this week that a miracle had happened I was pregnant. After super sharp pains though, I called my Dr. I did an Hcg test this morning and it was negative so we are pretty sure its cysts. I will go in tomorrow to meet with him and hopefully get something to start my period (I'm on cd 31) and get the clomid going.

I'm super excited because I know this can be a successful drug and it truly is given of God to help us out when we have a little tweaking needed Smile


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Hi! I'm currently on my 3rd cycle of Clomid. Currently in my 2ww. I hope the Clomid works for us both! I'm sorry I don't have any advice on the low sperm. I've heard that there's herbal vitamins sold online to help but I'm not sure what.

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Hi Miranda. I have a list of vitamins that some of the graduates put together. Before taking any of them, I would talk to your doctor since he is currently on medication and I don't know if it will interfer with it. Good luck

Pyconogenol - super antioxidant increases sperm quality and morphology. Some say you can take grapeseed extract as well.

Guava - Improves morphology.

Lycopene - V-8 juice is loaded with it and it improves count and motility.

Vitamin E - improves count, motility, and morphology. 800IU a day. If your DH had high blood pressure, anemia, liver disease or thyroid problems, check with doctor before taking.

Vitamin C - improves morphology and motility. At least 1000 mg per day

CoQ10 - improves morphology, count, and motility 200 mg a day

Zinc - improves count and motility 50 mg a day

Selenium - improves count and morphology 400 mg/ day

Folic Acid - improves count 400 mcg/day

L-Arginine - improves count and quality 1000 mg/day

L- Carnitine - improves motility 1000 mg/day

Flaxseed Oil - improves count and viability 1000 mg/day

B-12 - improves count 500 mcg/day

Tribulus Terretris - improves acrosome reaction 1250 mg/day

Multi Vitamin

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Wow! That is an awesome list Smile Thank you so much!