Need to Vent!!!

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Need to Vent!!!

I am going to vent here before I explode at the hubby and start another arguement.....I am so aggravated right now because I feel like my hubby is lacking in the "care" department or sometimes he is just a total dumb-head ditz that can't read my extremely obvious signals I am giving!!! I try to be nice and tell him my feelings nicely but he doesn't get it!!! I try to tell him that sometimes doing things are better than saying them but of course he is a man and actually doing something boggles his mind UGH!!! I wanted to talk about something tonight or at least have a conversation about anything since we has a long hectic day but what does he want to do??? PASS OUT ON THE BED AND COMPLAIN HE IS TIRED!!!! Which is annoying considering he didn't do anything today!!!! I did!!!!!!! So maybe it isn't his fault my mind is racing and freaking crickets are chirping in his, but he could at least be more considerate to the fact that I am a little stressed out and I would be over it in five minutes if he just let me vent and stopped being so selfish!!!!!
Sorry this post really isn't asking a question.....I just badly needed to vent while hubby sleeps like a baby and I have to sit here annoyed.......Maybe I am just being mean and I am too hormonal but ugh!!!!! These instances of stress are not good with TTC so you would think he would comprehend that......Maybe I need to write it out like a sports play or put it on ESPN and he would understand better since his attention span is 1.5 seconds tonight!! We try to never go to bed mad, but tonight I am mad and he is in la-la dreamland!! Anyways deep breath hope all you ladies have a good night..........

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I hear you completely about men right now. K and I are taking a sort of break as well right now. After all the fights we were getting into we decided to take a step back. I have not seen him in like 2 weeks, but we talk everyday. Were going to something special over the Thanksgiving break so that should b good. Hang in there if you need to vent feel free to Im me.