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New to this board

Hi there! I'm new to this board and thought I would say hello to everyone and tell a little about myself. I'm 26 and DH is 29. We've been TTC our first child for 3 months now, on the 3rd month now. I have PCOS though it's pretty mild. I have had trouble with cysts since I was in my early 20s and have had some pretty huge ones. I had surgery back in 06 for one that hemorrhaged. Aside from that I don't have the classic symptoms of PCOS. I ovulate some as long as I have Metformin and Actos and haven't had trouble with my weight as long as I work at it. I also tend to have irregular cycles.

This is my first cycle of Clomid. I set up a plan with the doc over a year ago about how we would approach TTC when when decided we were ready. He wanted to go ahead and have me take Clomid from the start but I had some kidney issues our first month of TTC and then decided I wanted to try some on our own. On my last visit with him though we discussed my concerns and he said he thought I'd be just fine so I'm on the Clomid after all. I'm on CD15 now and really didn't have many side effects. I had some pain in my ovaries on the third day of Clomid and then nothing really...maybe a little fatigue though I'm not sure if that's been the cause or not.

I've also not been testing for ovulation this doc is going to do a test and I tend to obsess so I decided not to take them this time so I don't know if I've O'd yet or not. I'm having some pretty serious pain today in both ovaries that feels like ruptured cysts on both sides but it gets a lot better with a heating pad and tylenol so I'm thinking I might be ovulating now. It hurts when I sit down and when I take heavy steps...Seems like painful ovulation is common with Clomid. Anyway that's my story. Sorry this was so long. Smile