New to Clomid

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New to Clomid

I never thought that I would have to come here, but it looks like we need some help. So here I am...

AF started today, so I will be starting my Clomid (100mg) on Sunday - Thursday and then I will be getting my IUI after that.

This scares me to death. Should I be this scared?...

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no need to be scared! i also have unexplained infertility and have done many cycles on clomid. clomid can have yucky side effects, but it's all worth it in the end if pregnancy results. i've personally never had an IUI, but close friends have, and they tell me it's no biggie, and nice in a way, 'cause it takes the pressure off to do the deed for several days in a row trying to catch the egg.

it took several cycles, but i finally conceived DS on clomid, and now we're trying for #2. i've done 3 unsuccessful cycles of clomid so far this time around, and i'm so worn out emotionally and physically...we're taking a break for a few months.

so, i guess it can be scary to start a new treatment. and it's always scary to get your hopes up and get on that infertility emotional rollercoaster. but it's also a good feeling to be doing something proactive, right? i hope it works for you with minimal side effects! good luck!!!