New to Clomid (Loss Ment)

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New to Clomid (Loss Ment)

Hey Ladies...I'm new to the Clomid board but I've been on this site since 2007...going on 3 years of TTC Sad We got pregnant October 2008 but lost the baby in March 2009 due to triploidy. Finally started going to a Fertility Dr this past November and found out that I have PCOS and that I had some blockage. Blockage is cleared, I've been exercising and eating lower carb/lower sugar to help out the PCOS and I'm on Clomid now. Cycle 1 we got nothing...and then cysts so we had to take time off and take the Pill. Now I'm in the Cycle 2 2ww...we actually had an egg this time and I was able to use the ovidrel. Now I'm using the progesterone daily.

I've been soooooo hungry and tired lately and a little crampy..along with sore breasts. I hate that I can't rely on the feelings because of the hormones from the clomid and the progesterone I'm taking. I have to wait until my blood test on 5/10 to see if we're pregnant! It's so hard to preoccupy yourself while you're hoping that your egg is fertilized and it implants...

Anyone else on the 2ww? Are you exercising at all? I run 4 days a week at least 4 miles/day but I'm afraid to run to mess up my chances...running makes me feel so good too, especially since I've been eating so much these past few I'm torn between what to do...

Good luck to everyone...hopefully we all have a short stay here!