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New here..

Hi all! I thought I would introduce myself and get to know you all a little better. I was just informed today that my doctor wants me on Clomid, and i'm just a little shocked.

In a bit of background, i was having regular 30-33 day cycles until DH and I decided to TTC. Coincidentally or not, the same month we were having our first month TTC, I guess I had my first anvulatory cycle. I went to the dr when i was 15 days late on my period and he diagnosed me with PCOS. He gave me provera and sent me on my way with some literature but told me he wouldnt be prescribing me any meds for pcos since my husband was due to be deployed in a few months.

We tried again this month, I thought I ovulated (my OPK was nearly positive, I just thought I missed the surge). But, here I am 5 days late and no BFP or AF. I went to the dr to get another refill of Provera. While there, I told the doctor my DH was no longer being deployed as we are being moved to Florida in June. He said since DH is no longer being deployed that he wants to explore using Clomid.

I go in for a HSG in a couple weeks so he can make sure my tubes are open, and also wants DH to go in for a sperm analysis just in case. If both things come back normal, he is going to prescribe me clomid. I've read a little from other board buddies who are on Clomid, but it does scare me a little to be honest. I've read varying rates of 5-15% for multiples? :eek:

Ah well, this is longer than I meant it to be. Long story short, I can use any help, advise, tips, etc on anything/everything Smile

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Welcome Sandra!

It can all seam a bit scary and overwhelming to begin with, but we are here to help you out as much as we can. Smile My RE told me that there is about a 10% chance of multiples using Clomid. That being said however, it is usually twins. There is of course a chance that an egg is released from both sides, are both inseminated, and become identical twins. But chances of that are very slim!

Once again, welcome. I hope your TTC journey turns out to be a short one! :bigarmhug:

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Welcome to the board Sandra. The girls on here are great. We have a lot of graduates that come back and give advice too. Best of luck to you

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Hi Sandra - Welcome!
Don't worry too much about multiples on Clomid - it can happen but the odds are low
Looking forward to chatting on the threads with you
G/L with your journey on TTC - I hope it's short n' sweet! Smile

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Welcome Sandra!

I know it does seem a bit scary at first but I promise you with knowledge comes comfort! The more I learn, the more I am ready to face new challenges. These ladies are so well educated on fertility issues and treatments so I think you will find this site to be very helpful. Clomid sounds scary to most newbies but not all women have bad side effects on the medication.

Good Luck with your tests and keep us posted!! I hope your time here is short and you get your BFP before you know it!!!

I do look forward to getting to know you!!!!

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Welcome Sandra!!! I hope clomid does the trick for you. There have definitely been girls on this board that have conceived twins on clomid, but I think it's an 8-10% chance. I hope your stay here is a short one!

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Welcome to the board! I remeber being terrified of clomid the first time I took it. Turned out not to be too bad after all. Side effects were bearable, at least for me, and the results were usually good. Hope it does the trick for you, good luck!