Not ovulating on Clomid
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Thread: Not ovulating on Clomid

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    Unhappy Not ovulating on Clomid

    Hi, I'm new to this board and am hoping someone can help. I've been taking clomid for 4 cycles and currently am on 150 mg. My day 21 tests show a slight ovulation, but its not at the level my dr would like it to be at. My dr wont go any higher than 150 mg and she said we could try that for a few months. Has anyone else had this happen to them? And what, if anything, did you do to get yourself to ovulate? Are there herbal supplements that might work to take along with the clomid? Also I should mention that my husband has been checked and he did have an abnormal sperm count. He is using testosterone gel to help get his guys in shape.
    Thank you for any advice you can give me!

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    Welcome to the board.

    If you are not ovulating on clomid, you might want to try Femara (some doctors will not prescribe it) or you will have to move to injectables. Good luck

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    Hello Veronica. Welcome to the board!

    When I was on Clomid I started at 50 mg and worked my way up to 150 mg, with no O. I was given the impression that if I didn't O on a particular dose the first time, that there was no point in trying it again. My RE did say we could go up to 200 mg if I wanted, but that he wasn't sure it would do us any good.

    I had asked him about Femara. His response was that if I wanted to try it he would let me. He said that the drugs pretty much work in the same way. Given the option to try a round of Femara or to go more aggressive and head into the injections, I chose the later. I had already been TTC for nearly a yr, and was ready to see some progress.

    With injections, you're monitored with ultra sounds and blood work throughout the entire cycle, and they can make changes in the dose during that cycle. Since I have PCOS they started the injections out low and gradually built me up. It can take time trying to figure out the dose your body needs to O. My first round of injections they started me out with 1/2 a vial of Bravelle (75iu in a bottle) and gradually built me up to 2. I only had one follie mature. This last round the started me out at 1 1/2, and ended on 2. Again, only one mature follie. If we didn't catch the eggie this time, we'll start out on 2 next time, to be more aggressive.

    As far as what you can do to make yourself O, a lot of RE's prescribe a trigger shot (Ovidrell). With monitored cycles, they'll know when your follie is mature enough and have you trigger so you'll know when to have timed intercourse, or to schedule for an IUI.

    I know this is a lot... And I hope it helped you some. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away!

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