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So I am out for this month. I actually got it last Saturday but it was such a bad week i didn't get on the computer at all. Sunday we went bowling and got some peanuts while there. Apparently they were tainted because all 3 of us came down with food poisioning real bad on Monday. So because of that I didnt get to take my clomid this month cause I couldnt get out to get the script filled. Then to top things off I woke up 3 weeks ago with my left ear muffled and ringing. I went to the ENT today and he said it was most likely caused by a virus and i may or may not get my hearing back. So I'm on steroids now to hopefully help.

SO and I are fighting over his daughter and the stuff she is pulling and he got mad because I rescued a baby chihuaua. He was just upset cause I got another dog. I miss my pug so bad and I needed another lap dog to take the place of not being able to have a kid. I'm sorry but guys just dont understand how it feels.

Anyway thanks for listening, I'm just really depressed right now and needed to get things out. With the stress of my job etc right now I'm just overwhelmed and not sure how to deal with everything.

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Sorry to see you're out Sad . Sorry about all the other stuff going on for you now too. Some days it just feels like one thing right on top of another doesn't it? You're right about men not understanding. My DH can be the sweetest man but sometimes it feels like he's totally clueless when it comes to the ttc stuff. Hope you're feeling better physically at least. Hang in there!

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I'm so sorry Cheryl. My heart breaks for you. I know how you are feeling and I'm here if you need to talk :bigarmhug: