Ovary pain this early??

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Ovary pain this early??

So today I am finishing my double dose of Femara (CD 5). The doctor had me on days 1-5. Today I started noticing some O pain. Is this normal with Femara or Clomid? I assuming it's okay because this just means my ovaries are working overtime but I just want to confirm...

Thanks ladies!

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yup, it's normal
I don't think it's O pains per say but it's definately your ovaries getting prepared and ready to kick an egg out for when it is time to O

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I agree with tacie! I had those ovary pains forever when I was on the double dose of femara!! Its a great sign for you!! I can't wait to see what all is going on in there!! Wink

Fingers crossed for a BFP in a few short weeks!!!

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I get a lot more O pain while on Clomid than I do when I'm not, so it seems likely to me. Just make sure that you mention it to your doctor, just in case.

I hope it works for you!