ovulation pains?

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ovulation pains?

I had a friend give me the HCG shot Tuesday night at 8 p.m. It's approximately 36 hours later RIGHT NOW....which has me wondering...am I ovulating? Since I have PCOS, I'm wondering if I have ever actually ovulated on my own. I didn't take an OPK because the doctor told me my follicles were a good size and the HCG injection would definitely make me ovulate.

Do any of you ovulate without feeling anything? Anyone else at this point in your cycles. The TWW starts tmw....sigh. I'm ready for Sept. 1 to get here so I can POAS!!!

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I have PCOS as well and I've NEVER felt Oing pains -- ever! I know that I O on Clomid (due to OPKs and b/w) but never O on my own.
Don't worry if you don't feel anything - you're normal Wink
Did you have an IUI done after your trigger? Just curious.
Lookin forward to hearing news on Sept 1st how your HPT goes Smile Sending you lots of baby dust so you get your BFP!

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I have PCOS and normally do feel O pains. Each woman is different. Are you temping or anything?

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Last time I had my HCG shot, I started having horrible cramping the next day. Like, it hurt to walk because it like "jiggled" my ovaries, ha. I still had cramps the day after (the day of the IUI) but by that evening, things had pretty well settled down. Smile
I don't have PCOS, tho, I'm unexplained. Sad
Ditto PP, every woman is different:)

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This was the first month that body has responded to meds and was also the first month that I have been using only Follistim. DH and I are open to IUI, but we wanted to try one month by ourselves first. I really feel like this is the month...I just have to get through that terrible 2WW.

I haven't ever temped or used an OPK because my hormone levels haven't been good at all during my treatment. Since they were so good this month, I decided not to monitor anything since the doctor said that I would definitely ovulate between 36-40 hours following the HCG injection. We have been :lovebed:on Tuesday, Wednesday, and tonight. Hopefully that will do the trick??? Smile

Oh and for the record - I did have some cramping around 9:15 a.m. Hoping that was the O pains!