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Ok so my mother in law signed us up for which is basically a website that wants you to go through them to access other portals such as facebook, yahoo mail, and google search engine..and such. And they pay you for going through them. I know there is a whole lot of scams out there but after doing this one I've found this is pretty legit. They give you money for watching movie trailers, and for just logging in and checking your email. I pretty much ignored it because I thought it was a scam until I got a check in the mail for 50 bucks just for logging in and checking my email and using their search engine and for basically just setting them to my homepage and going through them to access all of my other portals that I use anyway like facebook. Anyway, if anyone else is interested you can sign up, its totally free and legit and just a way to get a little bit more money in your pocket. Anyway if you wanna sign up please use coastgrdtravis in the feild of who referred you so you can get my multiplier-which is 5 and get more money! Thanks girls!

Oh by the way I am thinking of trying another injectable cycle in about 3 weeks!!!!

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Hi. Thanks for the information. I'm going to give it a try.