Pregnant on Clomid?

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Pregnant on Clomid?

Can anyone who has gotten pregnant on Clomid tell me what that cycle was like for them and how it was different from their other cycles? This is my 3rd round of Clomid and it's different than the other two. The first round I really didn't feel anything, no pms or anything. The second cycle was terrible and I felt so bad I was sure I was pregnant. I had every pregnancy symptom in the book and it was a BFN of course. This month the crappy feelings I had last month didn't really go away after AF. I continued to feel pretty crappy for a while up until I ovulated. About 3-4 days after I ovulated this time the pregnancy-like symptoms that were from Clomid went away. I had nausea, extremely sore boobs, body aches, frequent urination, etc etc. The boobs were the worst and had even continued up until after I ovulated. So now I'm at 10DPO and not really feeling like I usually do. I don't feel bad and I think I had a tiny bit of spotting today. I don't expect AF for another 6 days. Also my progesterone this month was 37.8. I guess I'm just wondering if my lack of Clomid symptoms this time could mean that I actually am pregnant. Does anyone have any experience with this?