Prepping for Clomid

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Prepping for Clomid

Just a little introduction, I'm a member of October 2008. Had my first son Smile We've been just letting it happen since he was about a year old. No such luck. My period hasn't been the same since I've had him. I went from clockwork 30 day cycles to random 21-24 days.

I chart and so I know I'm O'ing on CD14. My progesterone from previous months have been 4.46, 4.6 and 1.19 respectively. I keep forgetting to ask why she doesn't want me on progesterone as well. Any insight there from anyone else?

Currently, this month is looking pretty good in regards to timing of BD and O'ing. I'm on CD17. She wants me to get my prog done on CD18, so tomorrow.

Plan is 3 cycles of clomid, or possible transfer to RE. She wanted me to look into my insurance before we went too far. Looks like we have fairly okay coverage, so a check out on my tubes is in my future as well.

Thanks for listening, really hoping this will help!