prometrium (200mg) to jump start AF, side effects

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prometrium (200mg) to jump start AF, side effects

For you ladies that have taken prometrium to jump start AF what was your side effects. This is my second month and I am having sore nips. I have read that you can get pregnancy like symptoms but last month when I took the meds I had no side effects, took it for 5 days and AF showed 3 days after last pill. Please share ladies.


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My side effects have always been headaches, nausea, and HOT flashes!!! BLAHHH--no fun!

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It always gives me the sore nips, sometimes the pukey feeling, and I'm gauranteed at least a few evil mood swings. Usually see AF within a few days of the last dose as well. The biggest perk is DH usually won't disagree with me while I'm on it Smile .