Question about O-ing on Clomid

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Question about O-ing on Clomid

Will Clomid affect when I O? I normally O a little later (CD17) and. Want to make sure I don't miss my surge so I need to know when to start using my OPKs....

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I found this online and seem to remember following this recommendation when I was on Clomid:

"Clomid can cause an OPK to register a false positive. This will happen if the OPK is used too soon after finishing the prescription for Clomid. OPK manufacturers recommend that you should wait at least three days after stopping Clomid before using an OPK. Thus, if you take Clomid on days 3-7 of your cycle, you can begin to use the OPK on day 10. If you take Clomid on days 5-9, then you should wait until day 12 to use the OPK. Because Clomid causes the release of LH into the bloodstream, the ovulation predictor test will often notice this LH and give you a false positive result. "

There are also clomid ovulation predictor calculators online but I think you are smart to do OPKs as the calculator may not be as accurate. Though it might give you a general estimate.