Re-introduction and vent/? (child ment)

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Re-introduction and vent/? (child ment)

Hi ladies,
I was on this board for 16 months back in 07 and 08. I did several rounds of clomid without success, then had a D&C because my lining was too thick, and then took one round of Femara and success!
Anyway, we are ready to start trying for #3, but unfortunately, the OB who helped with my infertility no longer practices. I tried out a new one the other day, gave him my history, told him of my PCOS, the works. I came off of BC at the end of April, my last period was May 5th, and I had a positive O detector on June 5th (early for me, but I'm guessing it's just because I just got off of BC). That gives me a 45 day cycle this month--again, short for me...but whatever. I told him this, and because I O'd on my own, he refuses to give me clomid or femara, or ANYTHING. His exact words..."You are ovulating on your own...maybe 5/6 times a year. That's 5 or 6 chances for you. Plenty!"
He said clomid is only for those that are inovulatory! Not for those with irregular/long periods. Is this TRUE?! I am furious! I don't want my lining building back up because I am not shedding it enough. We sat there arguing for 45 minutes, and I was in tears when I got to my car.
I will obviously be going to another OB to get a second opinion, but is he right? Is ovulating 6 times a year enough? I don't want to waste my money getting another opinion if I'm wrong about this...but I know for a fact I would never have my DD if it weren't for Femara!

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I would not think that ovulating every other month is enough. I hope you have better luck with another dr!

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Oh goodness! I would be furious too! Obviously that doctor isn't so compassionate towards women who ache to get pregnant. I agree with PP... I'd be looking for a different doctor.

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Hi Sweetie, I remember you Smile

I would shop around for an RE who makes you feel like he's "on your side". I'm glad you stood your ground, something that not everyone does.

Sigh, why does ttc have to be so difficult?

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Wow! He was not only rude but very insensitive to your plight. I would definitely shop around for another Dr. One with a little more compassion at that. Im so sorry that you had this experience.

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I also forgot to mention and will also support the "shop around" advice. I am on to my third RE this time around. Becuase of certain issues I need a Dr who listens to me and respects my beliefes. I stopped seeing an RE becuase he was worse than a pushy second hand car salesman!

You need a Dr who you can be 100% comfortable with. Afterall you are going to be sharing some pretty personal information and moments with this person.


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I agree with the others, you need another doctor's opinion on the matter. You need a doctor that is willing to listen to you, be sincere and on YOUR side.

I've seen my fair share of doctors over the years and it wasn't until today that we finally found one that is ON OUR SIDE and has put a plan in action for us. It's such a big relief.

Good lucK!

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I agree with the others. That doc was just full of it. I'm in a similar boat: I ovulate SOME of the time, and tend to have irregular & long cycles. I've used clomid successfully in the past, and I've had more than one doc prescribe it to me without any hassle.

GL in finding a better doc, & KUP!