Really need some advice. A bit long

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Really need some advice. A bit long

So this cycle was my 2nd round of Femara with no luck. I was on 10 mg of Femara days 1-5 and never saw pos OPK. Around CD 20 I think, I started 100 mg of Prometrium to bring back AF. My normal dose for post O is 200 mg so I figured I would only do 100 mg since it was just to bring back AF and that is the dose I was on in the past. So I did maybe 10 days of the prometrium and sometime last week I took an OPK and got a positive (you can check my chart for the specific day, I don't remember, maybe it was Wed?) Anyway, so after the possible O I started 200 mg of prometirum and have been on that for a few days but as you can see from my temps, it doens't detect an O. I don't really think the OPK was legit because I had been on the prometrium at that point for around 10 days. BTW, as soon as I got the pos OPK I stopped the prometrium temporarily.

My current doctor is a joke. The 2 U/S I've had for CD 12 to see my follicles and both he as said he couldn't even find my ovaries. This is my regular OBGYN. I really feel like right now if I were to call him and tell him whats going on, he wouldn't really listen to me. I just started seeing him a few months ago as he was recommended to me.

Should I continue the 200mg of prometrium to see if AF starts over the next week or so or should I go ahead and go see my current doctor or find a new doctor? DH and I decided we would wait to go see an RE until the first of the year because my insurance doesn't cover fertility costs. I'm just at a loss of what to do. Should I go back to my old GYN or find a new one all together? I'm just so confused right now.

And BTW, I've taken 2 pg test and both are negative. I know I'm not pg. Any advice, insight, anyting? Also, should we maybe try Clomid since obviously Femara hasn't worked so far? I have enough pills to go 1 more month with Femara at 15mg.

If you have made it this far, thank you so much!!

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I'm not understanding why your doctor would have you start prometrium at CD 20. You could have Od late in the game. I personally would find myself a new OBGYN. He seems that he could not be bothered with you. Get rid of him & find someone that cares about you. I have to say my OBGYN is the most wonderful person in the world. He cares so much about each of his patients & truly shows it. He will be hours behind schedule & if you need to be with him for 2 hours, he will sit there and answer all your questions. Please let me know what you decide. Good luck

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I agree about finding a new dr! I too have an awesome OBGYN who listens as understands and goes at the pace we want. I think it's very important to have a dr that you are comfortable with and confident in! Sorry you're having to go through this craziness!! I wish someone knew what is going on!!

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Get rid of him & find someone that cares about you.

Exactly that!! Don't make the mistakes we have in the past and try to stick it out with one doctor because they "promise" you the world and then go back on it in afew months. He'll only break your heart when you don't get the results you're looking for. We're currently on doctor # 4 in 3 years and even though this new doctor has promised us stuff 3 months ago, I'm still waiting for the "catch" to happen (our luck it will probably happen tomorrow). Some of them didn't last long at all because they joked around with us and thought it was a funny game. Do you see me laughing? NO!! Your fertility isn't something to joke around with these days. You need to beable to find someone you trust and someone that is willing to listen to your concerns and fears.