Sad news (m/c ment)

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Sad news (m/c ment)

I was very happy that Clomid worked, but unfortunately, the pregnancy didn't last.

Despite the massive headaches Clomid gave me, we will be trying it again after one cycle.

From what I understand Clomid also comes with it a higher risk of m/c right?

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Oh Rachael, I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. When you decide to try again, ask the doctor to give you a vaginal progesterone suppository. It will help

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Ohhhh.....I am so very sorry. I agree with Dawn.


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I am sorry too. :bigarmhug: I agree about the progesterone. As my doc said, your progesterone can never be too high when you are pregnant. It is essential to a healthy pregnancy. Best of luck on your next try with clomid.

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My heart goes out to you :bigarmhug:

I am glad you're giving Clomid another chance -- be sure to push that you want vaginal progestrone because they won't prescribe it until you have at least 3 miscarriages (at least that was my case) -- be sure to have at least 200mg per day that they prescribe so that it has a chance to work and is not a waste of can't have too much (as noted above) because if your body does not use it, you'll pee it out.

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**LURKER** what does the progesterone do?

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OOH I'm so glad you ladies are talking about this. I had to talk about it with my RE nurse. I told her the last IUI cycle my temp started to drop at 7DPIUI. That was just too early in my book. She must have agreed because she gave me vaginal progestrone, which I started last night. I don't know if it's my progestrone levels but at this point, I'm reaching for anything. Plus, I feel it can't hurt and I won't feel bad since this is our last cycle TTC before DH leaves for school and then deploys to Korea for a hardship tour for a year. I feel that hey, I did everything I could.