So Um...When to Do It! After last clomid pill?

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So Um...When to Do It! After last clomid pill?

I am almost done with the meds to help bring on af 2 more nights!! YAY! I am so excited than to wait for the period to start and take clmoid day 5-9! So when should hubby and do the most fun part of trying to have a baby? Like right away? On a certain day? I am so excited for these meds to work I want to start trying! My dr said it might not work but she feels it will. I hope to get a BFP for my birthday which is July 20th that would be awesome! Thanks for helping me out ladies you are all the best support system!

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Here is a great website to help you narrow down the week of ovuation:

If you use OPKs, I highly suggest that you use the Clearblue OPKs (non digital) and wait for two beautiful dark lines to tell you that you're Oing (they'll show up two days in a row)


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Hi, im on my second month on clomid. first month took clomid cd 4-8 well maybe it was 5-9 not sure bc i had very light spotting/bleeding first day so i didnt count that day but if i did it was 5-9. i started answer opk day after last pill and i had a opk + on morning day 15 dp first day of lmp counting my spotting day. i felt strong ovulation on left side that night at midnight that same night. didnt concieve that cycle so i am trying again this month will try starting cd 4-8 and hopefully get it right this time. i will also try using preseed also incase it ws due to my cm. baby dust to you!

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I definitely suggest charting and using OPK's. I do both.