TTC Vent-Need Uplifting words and advice (Long)

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TTC Vent-Need Uplifting words and advice (Long)

Most of you know that I am ttc #5 we have been trying for almost 14 months now and I just finished cycle 6 of Clomid,Estrgen and Progesterone. I was on the depo for less than a year and have been having trouble ever since. I just had my 3rd af cycle since stopping depo. They have all come on their own but I just wasn't ovulating. Anyways I get blood work drawn every week to watch what is going on with all my levels. Well last cycle things were looking great because I had a + opk and my blood work showed I did O! So EXCITING! Well this cycle my blood work is looking bad and nothing like last cycle. So my ob wants me to see the Re fertility Dr so I go Feb 8th. My ob stoped all my meds and it's up to the fertility dr. I am really really upset about it. I want another child even 2 more so bad and it's just so hard every month to get the bad news. Hubby says it will happen when it's supposed to happen and I just don't think he is right. My ob says all my other tests look good nothing is wrong with thyroid and she doesn't think I have pcos she thinks it's just something with me O'ing.

Sorry it was so long I just really needed to talk about it. Thank you ladies!