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Thread: update on me (m/c ment)

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    That's a tough one Tacie.... our situations are very different but I will say that I wish we moved on to IVF sooner. We spent soooo much money on our 12 IUI attempts that we could have been putting towards the IVF costs. However, my first IVF attempt ended in m/c and that time, money, and emotion is something we can't ever get back.

    Your DH's plan doesn't sound unreasonable... sort of the best of both worlds.

    Follow your heart and I'm sure you'll make the right choice for you.
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    Oh Tacie, that is horrible. I hope your RE gives you a reason on why you were not told about the higher chances of miscarriage.

    The only advice I can say is follow your heart. Ultimately it is you & DH's decision. Most of all, do not let anything like this come between you & DH. Stand together as a STRONG couple

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    Thanks girls - we are going to talk to the RE on July 2nd and also get an appt for Sept booked with Calgary for IVF -- if we don't need the appt in Sept we will cancel
    You ladies are the best - I truly appreciate your support and insight on things - it's great to have honest thoughts given from an outside point of view because sometimes when you're caught in the middle of the storm you can't seem to see the light.

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    Hey Tacie!

    So good to hear from you honey! I am really upset your RE did not tell you that your chances of miscarriage were that much higher with the PCOS and why they didn't have you on the Metformin to begin with?????? I hope you get all the answers to this stuff at your appointment!

    I really don't know what the right answer is to give you but it sounds like the plan you mentioned your husband has is a good one! It sounds like he is a wonderful man and I could not agree more with Dawn.... STAND TOGETHER as a couple and you will get thru all of this!

    I am so glad you checked in with us! I have been thinking about you so much and praying so hard for your mind and body to heal!!!!!

    Sending you a BIG WARM HUG MY FRIEND!
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