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Well waiting for AF to show. Not to sure when she is due exactly cause FF is confusing me. it says my cycle length is 28 days which is correct, but also says she is due tomorrow so all I can do is wait. I wasn't going to POAS but broke down yesterday and it was negative. I'm gonna wait till Thursday to test again if she hasn't shown.

My Chiropractor did some accupuncture on me yesterday and said she is going to do it every appointment from here on to help with the fertility. I started going to her in the middle of my cycle so it was a little late. She told me about 3 people that came to her with the same issue as I have and all 3 got PG within 3 months, so maybe she is a miracle worker. It was just weird cause it is this little spring loaded type pen and she did it in 2 spots on my forehead. Right now I will try anything and the science behind it is interesting as well. I am also going to go to this Massage therapist that a friend told me about. I guess she is more into the energy our body puts off etc. My friend went to her twice and all her pain etc went away she said she was amazing. It can't hurt to try!

Back to work, everyone cross their fingers for my school district today that the levy passes so I keep my job.Please!

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Hey Cheryl,

I am into holistics - I am a registered massage therapist, have certificates in cupping and have learned (am am learning) quite a bit of energy work modalitites, so I felt drawn to send you a note.
Accupuncture does work for some as well as chiropractic for fertility. Your practicioner was hitting trigger points and accupressure points in the meridian - it's amazing how your body has points thru out it that relates to each other.
As for energy - it's really quite amazing. Working with energy fields is a form of quantium physics - there are quite a few different modalities when it comes to energy work (ie: Reiki, Yuen Method, Millenium Method, Quantium Touch) but they have a common thread. You should try it if you get a chance to have a treatment done - you have to go in with an open mind and know that you have nothing to lose.

I am sorry to hear that you got a negative on your test and that AF is lurking. I have been procrastinating taking progestrone to kick start her to arrive as she is 2 weeks overdue and I know that I am not pregnant. I guess I should get her here and done with prior to going for my MRI appt that is coming up in a couple weeks. She truly does suck

Hope all goes well with your job and that the levy passed!

Take Care
~ tacie