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I am on CD 17 and no positive OPK yet, the last two days have been pretty close but not quite there........................Supposed to BD tonight and I am completely exhausted and feel like I am getting a cold, I am seriously tempted to say, hunny I am just going to lay here on the heating pad for my aching body and you can just do your thing! Wink

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Your post made me laugh. I've been there too many times to count anymore! Biggrin I swear the wait to O is sometimes harder than the tww. I'm a late O'er, even with clomid, and I always start the cycle very positive and ready for whatever may come. By about 16 or 17 DPO I'm right where you are now. It's difficult and it's frustrating. Hope your wait is soon over and that you can work up the energy for tonight. Otherwise you're back up plan might have to do. Good luck!