What days do you take Femara/Clomid?

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What days do you take Femara/Clomid?

So I know I posted this on my thread about my u/s but I was curious to know what days you take clomid or femara? When I first saw my oB about this he told me to take it CD 3-7. After my u/s today he said to double my dose but to take it CD1-5. I've heard of some people doing this but there isn't much out there about this. Also, it seems that everyone who's on clomid is also getting a trigger shot. So far he doesn't ahve me on that. Just Femara, then Estradiol CD10-12 then prometrium after O. Should I be getting a trigger shot? Is this something that is necessary while taking either Femara or Clomid?

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When I first used clomid years and years ago, I did not get a trigger shot. I used OPK's to judge my ovulation days and I charted.

Now that we have been doing IUI's I get a trigger shot so that the IUI can be timed accordingly.

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I have taken it 3-7, 4-8 and 5-9. The first month I took it 4-8 and I had one HUGE follie on CD11. The second month I took it on 3-7 and ended up with 1 HUGE follie and one smaller sized one. This month I took it 5-9 and had 3 perfect follies Smile

From what I understand, the earlier you take it the more likely you are to have multiple follicles. However you can see from this cycle that I kind of blew that out of the water...

I have taken it 3 cycles that I didn't use a trigger (through my gyn instead of my RE) and had no problem Oing. You don't HAVE to have a trigger... But if you are monitoring through u/s then they usually have you trigger once the follies are a good size.

HTHs Smile

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i take it 5-9 and i don't get a trigger shot.