Would you mind taking a peak at my chart?

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Would you mind taking a peak at my chart?

This cycle is so weird for me. I did a round of 50 mg clomid this time, and I've done plenty before. It's my 3rd cycle since my loss and even though I never had normal cycles before I've had 2 all natural cycles since my d&c. Usually a late O even with the clomid around CD 18 - 20 and I always really feel it and there's been nothing. Just starting to feel ouchy today. I've been doing OPK's since CD 10 and haven't seen a + yet. Last night around 8pm I did an OPK and it was the darkest yet but definitely not +. Just did one now and it seems to be getting lighter rather than darker. I'm testing multiple times a day so I can't imagine I've missed the surge. The thing that's throwing me is the temps. The last 2 days the temps have been what would normally be a post O temp for me. I thought yesterday was some fluke but now I'm doubting everything. I don't know if I'm still waiting to O or if by some weird twist I already have. I know I have to wait and see what my temps do in the next few days, but we leave for the IL's tomorrow and I hate to try to sneak a little BD in while we're there unless we absolutely have to.

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Hi Kate,

By the sounds of things your body was oh so close to Oing but it just never got that final 'push' to do it and you're on your way down - a progestrone test will confirm this for you. I have a problem of this happening to me - I was Oing at 100mg of Clomid but now it's decided that it does not want to anymore. DH and I had a LONG talk about it all and have decided to try 150mg for a few months instead of switching over to injections.
Because you're on such a low dose of Clomid they may suggest to increase it to 100mg
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