Are you FREAKING kidding me???

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Are you FREAKING kidding me???

I ended up with AF this morning :eek: She is about 7 days early. I spotted on Saturday, bright pink blood, which I thought was implantation bleeding. Then on Monday and Tuesday, I had that old brown blood. Then today I believe she is here. I'm so confused as to why my body is doing this to me. I went through this surgery only for it not to work? Further more, I can't understand why God is putting me through all this. At this point, I have realized that I will never be a mother. I have to try to grasp that concept and just move on, it's just not that easy. I'm going to be 36 in 6 months, it's time to give up my dream and make a new one :sad:

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Sorry to hear about AF ) = People probably say this all the time but my cousin tried for 10 years to get pregnant had mutiple procedures done and nothing work, she adopted a little boy and has had 4 healthly children of her own since all while she was in her early 40's!!!! So never give up hope honey!!! I will pray for you that something happens ( =