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Your TTC Journey

Girls, lets share out TTC journeys here. Hopefully it will help other women when they read our stories so they know they are not the only ones going through similar problems Smile

Share away....

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I'll start Smile

When I first started TTC, it was May 2005 and I was 23 yrs old. My hubby was 23 too. I was birth control pills prior to TTC and it had messed up my cycle...even though I was a little irregular prior to BCPs. I hadn't had AF for 6 months. So in June 2005, I went to the OB for my annual exam and mentioned that I hadn't had AF in 6-7 months and we were TTC. She suggested clomid. I had to first get some bloodwork done first - all came back fine. I was just irregular, she stated. I started on 50mg of clomid, but first used provera for 10 days to bring on AF. On CD55, I hadn't O'd yet and my progesterone test on CD21 was less than 1. She put me on provera again to jumpstart AF and we would try 100mg. On CD21, my progesterone test showed no O but my temp chart showed I o'd the next day! AF came 14 days later - I wasn't preggo but happy I O'd!!! I did 100mg again and O'd again - not preggo. I tried 100mg again and got a BFP this cycle! Unfortantly, I miscarried at 5 weeks. I started bleeding on a Saturday and we went to the ER to get checked out. That was the worst experience!!! Made having a m/c 10 times worse...never doing that again. Well, I was set to take a cruise 2 days after that so I was happy about that. We were on the boat ready to leave and my doc calls. She said that at the hospital they took blood showing I was a negative bloodtype and need some Rhogam shot within 72 hours! Umm...that's a problem since I'm heading to the Florida Keys and won't get there until Wednesday. She told me to do it then so we wasted our whole day in Key West at the ER getting the shot. Barely made it back to the boat! Sooooo, I took a cycle off in December and didn't get AF again. So I went on provera again at the end of January to bring on AF. Tried 100mg of clomid again - I didn't O. Provera again then 100mg of clomid. I o'd but not preggo. Another round of 100mg and I was preggo again. This was May. About 10 days after my BFP I went to my first OB appt. They had me take a urine preg test and it came out NEGATIVE! WHAT!?!?! I couldn't believe it - took another one in case it was faulty...nope, negative. I had miscarried again. They took blood to see my hcg levels. I took off work the next 2 days - I was so depressed. What was wrong with me/DH?? So, this time I got the Rhogam shot and talked to my doc. She told me, "some people just miscarry a lot, you're young, you're okay." Seriously, that's what you have to say!?!! I want tests done. A few weeks later, she gave me a u/s and did more bloodwork....all okay. I said forget this, I"m going to a RE. I kept charting just to see if I would O by myself. I did book a appt with the RE and he was awesome. He said we'd do u/s's to check follies, a HSG, trigger shot, clomid, progesterone in the 2ww. I told him I was charting and I think I O'd. He told me to wait and see if I did and then we'd start after that. If I didn't O, I'd do provera. I did O on my own on CD46 (YES!)....I never thought I'd be pregnant. We weren't "trying" or anything. I was due to get my wisdom teeth out - I would have been 7dpo. Too early to test, didn't really want to cancel the appt...took a chance and got them out. I was obviously focusing on the pain in my mouth so being preggo escaped my mind. It was 14 dpo and AF should have showed that day. It didn't. I thought, I will test at 15dpo since I'd be late. Well, I took at test and it came out POSITIVE! Okay, that's awesome.......but am I going to m/c again? I called the RE and he had me get a hcg done and progesterone. Hcg was like 2,000 at 17dpo! And progesterone was about 15...he put me on progesterone to rule that out if I m/c'd. I kept taking tests everyday and they kept being positive. I got an u/s at 6.5 weeks and we had a heartbeat. At 8.5 weeks, everything still looked great. It was just a tiny little this tiny little blob is 6 months old today Smile I had a happy ending, even without clomid. I feel truly blessed.

Sorry this is so long! Smile

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That's awesome!

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"shaunsmom" wrote:

That's awesome!

Lets see your story! :):p:D

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my story and previous pg and child ment.

"stephzac04" wrote:

Lets see your story! :):p:D

It's not really much of a story yet. My dh and I decided in April 2006 we wanted to ttc since he wasn't scheduled for deployment. I was diagnosed with PCOS March 2005 so I already knew I probably didn't O. Well before we could really actively try, he picked me up from work on May 3 2006. I knew what he was going to say before he said it. He was going to deploy in like 3 months. That was so hard for me. I didn't try to get an RE or anything b/c there was no point he would be gone, but we still tried. Just being a bit hopeful. He left in August 2006. Well I started talking to my dr about wanting to ttc. Well she told me if i didnt have AF by the end of the year she was going to put in a referral to an RE. Well in January I got my referral. My first appt. was in march 2007 right before my dh came home. In April we had another appt and my dh was home and we went together. He had prescribed prometrium in March. So I was already having AF when I saw him in April. He prescribed 100mg ofclomid and I was to take it CD 8 to 13 since I was aready on like cd 5. Well I O'd my husband could've swore I was pg. No such luck BFN. In May he prescribed 100mg of clomid again. No O. I had over a 50 day cycle had to take prometrium. Didn't start clomid again until July, we went to AL for vaca and I O'd there. We Bd'd like everyday still a BFN. Did it again in August, BFN. Now we are in Sept and I'm O'ing today or tomorrow. So I'll be in the 2ww soon. Wish me luck.

For my previous pregnancy 4 years ago. I was 17 had normal periods and O. And got pg after 4 months of not preventing it. I'll be honest I wasn't ttc but you know he's the best thing that happened to me. My dh was in boot camp and corps school and then Field Medical Service School, so we didn't live together until ds was 4 months old. I think one of the biggest reasons we want another child is we didn't get to experience it together my last pregnancy. I want to share that with my dh, it's an amazing time.

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I got off BCP in Aug 06 since I wanted to give my body a chance to go back to "normal" before starting TTC in summer 07. I had pretty regular periods for the next 5 months (30-35 days). Then in Feb 07 we had a "pregnancy scare" after unprotected sex. Turns out I wasn't pregnant, but realized I secretly hoped I was - so then we decided to officially start TTC...earlier than anticipated afterall. So the next few months we BDed, but my cycles at the same time got progressively LONGER - like 50-60 days! It was so frustrating!
So I read some research about Clomid and decided to get checked out. U/S and bloodwork checked out Ok so OB/GYN prescribed 4 rounds of clomid and only come in on day 21 for PL test. First round I was SURE It would work, O'd and had great PL, but BFN, then round 2, same thing, BFN.
SO now I'm on round 3 - and PRAYING REALLY HARD!!! I've always felt my "calling" in life was to be a great mom and I can't wait to be a SAHM! But oddly enough, I've alway had a lurking suspicion since I was younger that TTC would be difficult for me, and maybe I'm making it that way for myself - self-fulfilling prophecy. My sister and mother never had any problems getting PG - so it's hard for me to comprehend all this. I just keep telling myself it's God's timing, and so I'm trying to relax and enjoy the journey.
I'm so glad I have all you gals helping me get through the tough and confusing times!Baby Dust to all!

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ok - I am Flo - 29 DH Ike 37 - always had irregular periods - for the first 4 years we did not use protection - was put on BCP to regulate periods but it really did help - I had lap done to rule out endo - year after that we got BFP - so again we tried "just let it happen" it has been 7 yrs and in July DH was the one to actually tell me to see a RE - I've had all my test - HSg - all clear - DH S?A showed 0 sperm - we are awaiting his appt with UROlogist - and his 2nd S/A ....

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My name is Rachel, 28, and dh is Jerry, 30. I came off BCP in Mar '06, the day we came back from our honeymoon. I knew from a previous marriage that I might have trouble TTC. I made myself believe that it was God watching out for me since my 1st marriage didn't work out. Anyway, my cycles weren't quite normal after coming off BCP's but I was going to wait it out until it was time for my yearly exam. In June '06 I was 2 weeks late and was going out for a bachelorette party so I took a test just to be on the safe side. Boy was I surprised when I saw it said "PREGNANT" We were so excited. I had gone to all my appts and we were able to hear the heartbeat at 11 1/2 weeks. I had to go out of town the following week and everything was fine. The next week I started cramping and bleeding, so I got into my dr. office and they sent me for an u/s. There wasn't a heartbeat. We lost our little angel at 14 weeks. I had a d&c the following day. This was August '06. After this my cycles went crazy again. I was having 40-50 day cycles and they had never been that bad before. I went back to the OB and they sent me to their infertility dept. I have taken 5 cycles of clomid and only O'd on 2. We are now moving to clomid and injectibles. I am hoping that we finally get our BFP with this new combo platter of drugs.

Wow, this was so long and I also shortened it a little. I hope we all get our BFP's soon!!!!

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My husband and I have been TTC for over 3 years. He has a dd(15) and a ds(9) from a previous marriage. They live with us and I have pretty much raised them since she was 6 and he was 1. I have wanted my own child for the longest!!! I feel blessed that I have such great stepchildren( or I rather call them my own cause it seems like they are) but I have wanted to experience what it is like to be pregnant, and know that they are allll mine..hehe. As of right now I am going to get a PL test next friday to see if I am ovulating, and then most likely take provera to start af then being my first round of Clomid. I'm really excited. I love reading everyones stories and I usually break down in tears because I feel just the same way and have gone through a lot of the things as well. I'm so glad I found this site, and thanks to all of you for your advice and support!! I wish you all lots of baby dust!!:):):):cool:

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I have never had regular periods, but I can't remember how frequent they ever were b/c I got on BCP when I was 17(I started my period at 16). So, after a few years I would stop taking BCP occasionally(just to see if Imy body worked) and realized I wouldn't get AF for up to 9 months. Well, in January 07 I got married and we knew that we wanted to start trying just in case it wouldnt happen easily for us(and I guess we were smart in doing so). My obgyn did blood work and gave me a perscription for clomid. I started clomid last April and have done 4 rounds up to 200 mg with no 0. I have a dr appt on oct 15th and I am going to request U/S and no more clomid. That is my story:wink:

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I don't even know where to begin... I have a DS who came as a surprise 4 years ago. We wanted to wait to have another until he was more "independent". I didn't think it would take long to have another.We started TTC in June of '06. In Dec. I went to the Dr. for my yearly and he said my cycles weren't long enough... Like clockwork but only 23 days. So he put me on Clomid. 50mg, 2-6. My prog. was I think 11 something. So the next cycle he doubled it to 100mg, 2-6 and PL jumped to 24, but my cyles were still only 23 days, Sooo long story short it took Clomid 100 mg 2-6 and prometrium 3x a day added with estrogen 2x a day to get my cycles to normal and trigger on day 14. After a PL of 140 he quit doing them. THANK GOODNESS!!! But still no BFP...After 6 months of Clomid he did a LAP to check for Endo and a possible blockage, but everything looked great. He says after you find something that works, sometimes it takes a few times to get it right. I sure hope so. This is my first cycle after my LAP and I wasn't medicated b/c a nurse told me that I hadn't started and it was all part of the surgery. WRONG!!! So, I am hopeful for this month, but even more so next when I can get back on my meds and monitoring. Oh and not to mention, all of the time I have been TTC, I have 4 girls in my SS class who just had babies last week, a new niece and a 2nd cousin. I feel like everyone is preggers but me... Sometimes I hate to leave the house for fear of who else will have an "announcement". I just realized how long this was, Sorry!

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I just wanted to start out saying I love this board! I love that we can get together and share our stories and support each other.

I am 21 and my DH is 24. He was my high school sweetheart and even before we got married in Sept '06 I knew that I wanted to have a baby.. and soon. In Nov. 05 I was diagnosed with PCOS. At the time I didn't realize how important that really meant. Immediately after I was diagnosed, my DH and I quit using protection (And to think of ALL the times I was sooo careful!!). We both agreed that if it happened.. great, if not... it can wait. When we got married that is when we really started trying. I set up an apt with an obgyn for my annual exam and also to discuss my irregular cycles. Since being diagnosed in Nov '05 to my initial obgyn apt in March '07 I had a total of 3 periods. It had been 8 months since my last period when I had my apt. While talking with my obgyn I expressed our desire to conceive. She recommended Clomid. I took Provera to start a period in March 07, first round of Clomid 50mg... No O. I was bummed but not surprised. I took Provera again & 100mg... still no O. At this point, I was a little frustrated that I was spending a lot of money on a drug that was not working. So I went in for an exam, which everything was normal so she started me again on Provera then Clomid 150mg. This time I O'd!! I was soo happy. Not pg...but happy nonetheless. Then to my 4th round 150mg... this was August '07. I really thought that this cycle epitomized the perfect cycle. DH and I timed BD'ing perfectly (or so I thought), I had the symptoms and I took a HPT on 10DPO and there was a line! I swear it.... there WAS a line. It turned out to be an evap line Sad So now I am on my 5th round of Clomid 150mg. I went in for an u/s on CD13; results were bad. I had one small follie on my right ovary and I have not received a positive OPK. Doc started me on Metformin 850mgs and DH has an apt Oct 8th for a SA. I don't have high hopes for this cycle, but I am hoping for my BFP next cycle!!

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Hi ladies! I thought I'd share my story. I am 31yrs old and dh is 28yrs old, I have a 10yr old dd from a previous relationship and have always wanted a big family. I married the love of my life in June'04 and we immediately started ttc our first together. My cycles were somewhat regular 24-26 days with the occasional longer and shorter cycle. I knew in my gut something wasn't right. But I waited a year and at my annual appt I brought it up to my gp. He wanted to test dh first as he assumed all was fine with me because I have dd. Unfortunately dh was dx with male factor, low count and motility. I was so devastated! I still felt that something wasn't right with me though and pushed for my gp to have someone see me and he eventually referred me to an endocronologist. Turns out I have PCOS. I was put on Metformin and in the meantime dh was seeing a urologist. There was no medical reason for dh's male factor. We were then referred to a RE. Through standard testing we discovered both my fallopian tubes were blocked. Could it get any worse??! 2005 was not our year! The RE insisted I lose weight before he would do a lap on me, I wasn't even that big! Anyhow, I did as I was told and came back 4 months later 16 pounds lighter. I had my lap and he was only able to clear out my right tube. Finally in Sept'06 I did my first cycle of clomid! I did three cycles in a row, unmonitored, but I was charting my bbt, and I ovulated all three times but no bfp. Our dr wouldn't do IUI with us telling us our only way for success was IVFw/ICSI. So I went on bcp's and we found another RE. In Feb'07 we met our current RE. He is amazing!!! He suggested some vitamins for dh to take in the hope that it will help a bit, even if it didn't increase his count if he could increase his motility we'd have a good chance. I took clomid again and we did the IUI in Feb'07, bfn. I was bummed and at this point dh was emotionally drained. We agreed to take a break. Finally in Sept'07 we went back and did another IUI, resulted in a possible chemical pregnancy. I had a repeat hsg dye test and thankfully my right tube is still open! Yeah!! I am currently on cd11 and we're planning on doing our third IUI. Our new RE has been honest with us though and said that our male factor is our biggest obstacle right now. Our best chance of a bfp is IVFw/ICSI but that he's seen pregnancies occur with less sperm than dh has so if we want to continue doing IUI's he will continue to help us. He even had me take 7.5mg of Femara on cd3 along with my 50mg of clomid cd3-7 in hopes of producing more follicles aka targets! for dh's soldiers! Wink We pray every day for a miracle!!


After that IUI in October 2007 we took a very long break. In July 2008 we decided to move on to IVFw/ICSI. We made 3 attempts (Oct/2008; Jan/2009; May/2009) all cancelled due to poor response. We never even made it to retreival. Sad We took the summer off while I waited for a second lap. We were going to add ovarian drilling this time. In Sept/2009 I had my lap and was fortunate enough to get my blocked tube opened! I was diagnosed with endometriosis (you know because we haven't been through enough right?!?) and it was all cleared out. My ovaries appeared normal but the dr still did some ovarian drilling, doing 4 spots on each ovary. We resumed IUI's in Nov/2009 to use up the remaining meds from our IVF attempts. Skipping back to Aug/2009 we found out dh has a balanced translocation of chromosomes #14 and #21. This is apparently the cause of his male factor. We did 3 IUI cycles with injectables (Nov/09; Jan/10; Feb/10). All resulted in bfn's. After redoing my cd3 b/w (March 2010) we discovered my FSH was super high (at 50) and I was diagnosed with POF (premature ovarian failure). Our RE said he wouldn't suggest doing any more cycles and he recommended donor eggs or embryos (especially due to dh's sperm issues). We simply cannot afford this having a loan for our IVF still to pay and a daughter to raise. Plus emotionally I don't think we have it in us anymore. 6 grueling years of heartbreak after heartbreak. My RE will continue to monitor me as he can treat me with HRT when I do go in to menopause. Very devestating to say the least!

I have been cycling on my own since we stopped all treatments. A cruel joke played by fate perhaps!!?? We've been trying to catch one of those magical eggies but no such luck. Trying really hard to move on and accept our family as it is.

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Hi girls! I figured I'd share my story too Wink

I stopped taking BCP's on Jan 1st 2005 because DH and I decided we really wanted a baby. I conceived in Feb, then miscarried a few days after getting a BFP. That first cycle off BCP's was my first and only normal, un-medicated cycle I've ever had (I'd had irregular cycles since first getting AF at 13 yrs old). I was ignorant then and thought my 3 positive tests were just false positives. After that I started charting my temps religiously and didn't get AF again until June, then again 3 months later in September. I was getting a lot of positive OPKs, which the girls on the TTC 0-12 mo board suggested could be due to PCOS (I'd never heard of it before finding this site). I was given Clomid by my GP (without being tested for anything) and conceived, but lost that pregnancy in late Sept 05.

It was so frustrating to be TTC for almost a year and to have long cycles. Especially when all my close friends were getting pregnant the first month TTC. I finally got AF again in Nov, and I went in the see my OB/GYN who is also a Fertility Specialist. All the tests, blood work and ultrasounds confirmed PCOS and due to my hormone levels, my Dr said it would be next to impossible to conceive on my own and if, by some miracle I did, I'd likely m/c due to horrible egg quality. Since I was on CD1 when I saw my Dr, I was able to start Clomid right away. I conceived that month, but lost the pregnancy at 5 weeks. DH and I were devastated because we m/c on Dec 17th and we were going to surprise our families at Christmas since no one knew we were TTC. My blood test showed that my progesterone was only 2 the day before I started bleeding, which is way too low. So it took losing 3 pregnancies before my progesterone was finally tested (because I demanded it!) and we think that, along with PCOS, is why I have trouble sustaining a pregnancy.

My Dr didn't make me wait to TTC again after m/c in Dec. He wanted to go with IUI as he didn't want me on Clomid anymore (I had 20+ cysts on each ovary). I begged him to let me go 1 more round, so I started my next round of Clomid (100mgs again). I O'd late that month, but we conceived again! I was put on progesterone supplements after Oing, but wasn't hopeful about having a successful pregnancy. This pregnancy resulted in my beautiful DD (my little Clomid miracle) born healthy on September 30th, 2006.

I never started BCP's after having DD and started charting my temps at about 8 weeks postpartum. My cycles were very long and annovulatory, but DH and I kept hoping for a natural conception. We went on vacation in August and I decided not to bring my thermometer since I was on CD72 and it felt like AF was about to show. We BD twice while on vacation. When I got home, my temp was 1 degree higher than it was before leaving--I'd O'd on my own on CD74-ish! I tested at 12 DPO and it was positive! It felt like a miracle and like it was meant to be, but at about 5 weeks I lost this baby too. I was so angry to be given the gift of natural conception just to have it ripped away from me like that. DH and I decided we couldn't go through that again and made the decision to go the Provera, Clomid route again. So I'm finishing up my Provera and will start the Clomid again in the next week or so. We're hoping for the best!


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DH and I decided to stop preventing anything in May 2007... my first cycle of TTC and being of BCP was the longest (96 days!) and had to induce AF with Provera... my second cycle was basically the same - I didn't ovulate and my cycle lasted 65 days and had to induce AF with prometrium.

I'm on my third cycle of TTC and this time it's with 50mg Clomid and today is CD 29 and it looks like its a BUST. I don't think I'm going to O with just 50mg...

Through temping we discovered I do not ovulate on my own and so the doctor put me on this Clomid but now he's hesitant to increase my dosage... we'll see... I'll have to take Prometrium again to induce AF before any Oing can begin again...

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Hi ladies, I thought i would share my story too. I am 31 and DH is 30, we've been together for 10 years and been married for 1.5. I've always wanted to have kids and couldn't wait to get married to start trying right away. So in May 06' we got married and started trying right away....but my cycle that month ended up being 76 days and i don't even know when or even if i O'd so i don't coun't that cycle....I ended up getting AF in August and decided that was going to be the first month. I didn't think i would have trouble getting preggers cause my mom had 4 of us, and she never had to try, i was even concieved while she still had her IUD in....and i have two sisters that got pregnant with no trouble, so i figured it would happen right away for me too....
Well a year into trying, we decided to go visit an RE and see if something was going on. Both DH and I were tested and the tests came back fine for both of us, except my thyroid is a little underactive, and i have really irregular cycles, but she couldn't figure out why. So she decided to put me on Clomid for 3 cycles and if that doesn't work she would do clomid with an IUI. So, right now i am on my first cycle of clomid and i am going for b/w tomorrow.....prayin for a BFP

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Hi, ladies. I'm 29 and my dh is 29. We have a beautiful almost-2-year-old thanks to clomid. I've never had regular periods and was eventually diagnosed with PCOS in 2005 when we were ttc. My "cycles" were usually around 90-120 days without BCP. It took over 6 months to get my system where it needed to be (the right amount of lining, that kind of thing). I'm sure I took Provera to start my periods at the right time. I was put on 50mg of clomid and conceived the first cycle after 8 months of ttc. In March '07 I started going to an RE and she immediately put me on Provera then Femara and progesterone then the trigger shot. I conceived my first round of Femara in May '07, but miscarried around 8 weeks. As far as m/c goes, I guess I had it pretty good. Absolutely no pain or cramping and I didn't have to have a d&c. It was extremely frustrating because we had seen the heartbeat just a week before. Anyway, we're ttc again. I had an allergic reaction to Femara so I'm back on clomid. I took it on CD5-9. Three follies were ready at CD14. I had my PL checked last Thursday and it was 43 so I don't need progesterone this time. I find out this coming Thursday if I'm pregnant or not. I don't have any symptoms, so I'm not too confident. But at least I know I do ovulate with clomid, so hopefully next month. It would probably work out better if we had more time before a baby arrives, but when you have trouble conceiving, you take what you can get as soon as you can get it!!!! (That's just me trying to make myself feel better.) : )


TTC #2
10/18/07 LMP thanks to Provera.
10/31/07 3 Follies ready thanks to clomid.
11/8/07 PL 43 -- definitely o'd
11/15/07 BPT -- the waiting game is underway.

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My journey.. OK, here we go.
10/06 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during a routine physical. I started taking synthoid every day and got it under control, but have to monitor it frequently bc it effects ovulation.
02/07 First cycle off BCPs. The beginning of temping. It was so fun back then to see what my body was doing! Boy has that changed! Anyway, this was a 50 day cycle. I actually O'd on my own on CD35! If I had known then what was about to come, I would've thrown myself a party, bc it was going to a LONG time before I ovulated again.
04/07 Second cycle off BCPs. After 66 days, I still had not even O'd. I was still temping every day and getting frustrated.
06/07 I went to my gyn for an annual exam, and while there I told her were TTC but that my cycles were not regular. She did bloodwork, that all came back fine. So she prescribed Provera, but not clomid. She said hopefully the Provera would trick my body into being regular again. I was skeptical but tried it. This was my third cycle off BCPs, and again I did not O, even after 45 days.
08/07 I saw a new gyn and told her my issues. She prescribed me clomid immediately. This was my first Round of clomid, 50mgs. I was so unbelievably excited and hopeful that this would be the first month after 6 months of trying that I would pop an egg and we'd get a CHANCE to catch it. Hmm.. nope, didn't happen. No O, again! I had several major stressors going on in my life that I believe may have hindered O. Also, I was so obsessed with OPKs, CM, etc, that I was driving myself nuts. Provera to induce AF.
09/07 Second Round of Clomid, 100mgs this time. Praise the Lord, I actually Ovulated on CD19. I could not believe it. I had the most beautiful chart I've ever seen and we timed BD perfectly. Surely this would be the month, if ever I would get a BFP. Um.. Nope! BFN. I was so depressed I cried for three days. What was wrong with me/DH? I did not understand what we could have done differently. It was nice, however, to have a "real" period that was not induced by Provera for once! I hadn't O'd in 6 months?!
10/07 Third Round of Clomid, 100mgs. Infinitely hopeful. My chart was all over the place. I was stressing about OPKs, CM, BD, etc. By the end of the month, I was sure this month was a bust again so I saw an RE for the first time. The RE did more bloodwork including a glucose intolerance test to see if I had PCOS. I find out that my testosterone is elevated slightly, but all else looks good. No PCOS, or "borderline," if anything. I was about to start popping Provera to start the next cycle, when all of a sudden, AF showed! Turns out I did O afterall. OK.. I guess this is a good thing, but still BFN. Why? At least I didn't have to go through the TWW to be devastated again. I tried to be grateful for at least that. On to the next cycle.
11/07 Fourth Round of Clomid, 100mgs. DH finally had an s/a done, which I wish we would've done sooner. Turns out that while his count and motility are good, his morphology is low. Sad I am currently on CD16 of this cycle and am FINALLY being monitored. I had an u/s today which showed three nice follies so they gave me the trigger shot. This will be our last cycle of BDing.. If no BFP this cycle, then it's onto the IUI next cycle. We shall see where it all leads...

I am giving it to God. I never in a million years thought it would be this difficult for us, because we're both young (27) and "healthy" on paper. This is the first time in our lives that we have no control. Everything else, we can acheive if we work hard enough. Not this.. only God can bless us with this miracle. So I am trying to relax and enjoy the time that DH and I have together. It's hard not knowing whether I'll ever be pg, but I know it's in God's hands and when we're ready to be parents, we will be. I love all of the girls on this site and would be lost without you.. but you all know that already. Babydust to all!


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My TTC Story

Well, I guess I'm going to tell my story too. My DH and I started trying for our first child in 2003 and got a BFP of trying the first time. We were blessed with a beautiful son June 2004. He is our pride and joy. We thought it was time to start trying for baby #2 in Feb. 2007, thinking that we'll get pg as quickly as we did with DS. Well, a couple months had passed and nothing. DH was not feeling well for a few months and we could not figure out what was wrong with him. He went to his doc and had blood tests and his doc referred him to an endocrinologist. DH was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was put on medication in March. We kept on trying thinking nothing of it. By five months of TTC and no BFP I decided to go see my doc to have my annual exam and also discuss what is going on. We found out that with male hyperthyroidism it's extrememly difficult to conceive. Male sperm count go way down. So my doc put me on Clomid to make up for my DH low sperm (even though he has not had a s/a yet) He just assumed DH is low. I took the Clomid for two months and hated it and decided to quit it b/c I'm fine and this pill is making me into a crazy person. I took it July and August. September to November I did not take it, but I was having lots of bleeding problems during my luteal phase. I go see my Doc again and he said I'm not ovulating. What??!! I was ovulating fine b/f I even took this stupid pill. It messed me up. So I had to go back on Clomid. Since then DH has gone back to his Doc twice in the last four month and all his levels are right where they should be, so we're hoping that his sperm count is getting better, but still hasn't been tested. If we dont' get a BFP this cycle I'm making a phone call to my doc to have DH get a s/a. I feel like my doc is just dragging his feet with us. I think I'm going to start getting bossy now! It's been long enough for me.
However, I have really enjoyed having you ladies here. It's so nice to know that there are some ladies who are experiencing the same thing as me. Thanks for being here despite our circumstances. Wink

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Hello all!

I just joined this board today. I am 33 and my DH, Jason, is 35. We have been TTC #1 for 5 months. I have been off BCP for almost 8 months. I have been charting for 3 months. I am taking 100 mg of B6 a day as well as herbal FertilAid pills (has Vitrex, etc. in it). I am pretty sure I have a luteal phase defect as my cycles have been 24 days and my luteal phase is about 8-9 days. Sad I go to my GYN tomorrow morning (she does not deliver babies) and I have an appt with an RE specialist on March 10th. I am CD 9 but my AF was really only 2 days this month and very light. It is usally around 5 days and starts heavy and tapers to mild. I might have thought I was PG (and that AF was actually implantation) if my temps had been higher and above coverline but they weren't/aren't. Pre-O my temps range b/n 97.3 and 97.7 and after O my temps range between 98.1 and 98.5. I do not really have a dip pre-O and my thermal shift after O is relatively small. However, I do get positive OPKs usually for 2 days (usually days 14 and 15). We've tried BD every day and every other day and use Pre-Seed when necessary. I do not drink any coffee or soda and drink lots of green and red teas. I don't drink alcohol post-O and only wine sometimes prior to O.

This month, I will try natural prog. cream after O, unless my GYN suggests something else. I am presuming that my GYN will prescribe Chlomid but I will know for sure tomorrow. I am nervous about that but also hopeful it will do the trick.

Wooh - that was a lot! Personally, we are trying to stay positive about this but it does get very hard even though we've only been trying for 5 months. All of friends get PG right away and while we are so happy for them it is hard not to be a little sad about it. Like you all, we want this so much and are so ready for children (and lots of them!) Blum 3 On a professional front, I left my very stressful job about 10 months ago so that I can start my own business (I have a home office) and to get ready for a post-baby lifestyle! So between that and TTC I am stressed to say the least but am trying to cope with it.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting to know all of you! I will also post tomorrow after my DR. appt.

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Hi Ladies! I have been on this site for a while now but I just noticed this thread and wanted to add my story. My husband and I got married in August 2007 and wanted to start ttc right away. We were concerned right off the bat that with some of his medical history, we may need medical intervention to conceive but it turns out I am actually the one with the problem! During our first 6 months of ttc I had 4 AF's, two of which were brought on by Progesterone. DH had a SA and everythign came back fine. So last month we went to the Dr and he said the he thinks I have PCOS (which I had already known for about 6 years) and that we would try clomid to start. This month is my first cycle on clomid and I am on day 21. I haven't had any real side effects from the drug. It is no where near as bad as the progesterone. But I dont' think I ovulated either. I went for bloodwork today to get my progesterone level checked so I guess I will know for sure on Monday! If I did O then we are well on our way, otherwise we will be raising my dose of clomid for next month!

We are now on our third round of clomid, We upped the dose to 100mg this month because I did not ovulate during the second cycle. We also added in Metphormine this month, which let me tell you, has some nasty side effects! But it will all be worth it if we get a BFP!!! I have also started a weight loss program and I am hoping being closer to my ideal weight will make concieving a little easier. I really feel like we are doing everything we can so we will see what happens!

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Here's my story...
With my first I started TTC in June 2005. I had just gotten off BCP and just thought it would happen. Well, I ended up in the ER the very end of July with horrible pain in my side, to find out that I had a cyst the size of a softball in my ovary. Boy did that suck. Well the cyst finally went away on it's own and I got my first AF 42 days after I stopped BCP. Anyway, it ended up taking me 6 months to get pregnant with my DD (who is now 19 months old) and I only had 3 AF's and one had been induced my Provera. So I knew that TTC was ever going to be easy for me.

Fast forward to today. We have been TTC since June 2007. I've had an AF almost every month, ovulated most of those months. However my cycles are far from regular. The shortest AF I've had was 25 days, the longest has been 46. I never know when I am going to ovulate, so I went to my OB/GYN last month (April 2008 ) took her my charts and asked what I can do next. She gave me a script for Clomid 50 mg and paperwork for my blood work on CD 21-23. So, here I am on my 11th cycle and getting ready for my 1st round of Clomid.

Thanks for reading!

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I like that when I look through this there is alot of pregnancy tickers!! My name is Jessica and I'm 27. My DH is 29 and we have been married since 03. I got of BCP in Nov 04 because I had some major problems with seasonal and ended up in the hospital because of it. Then I noticed that I would go 2-3 months without a period so my ob put me on prometrium. We started TTCing in May 07 and have not had the fun of seeing any BFP.
My new specialist started me on clomid on 7/7/08 and I'm praying for a BFP. Hopefully it won't be to long until I can add a preg ticker to my signature to.

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I love seeing all the pregnant siggies with these too! I had a tough time TTC DS. Got pregnant 1 month after going off BCP and then m/c at 6 weeks. And then I just never got AF on my own for about 8 months. I got pregnant with DS after I took Prometrium one month and I had an appointment to discuss Clomid. So I didn't have to go on Clomid. This time around my dr. put me on it right away so I was on Prometrium to get things started and tomorrow I will take my first Clomid 50 mg on CD 5. I'm so excited!!! We're hoping for a BFP by the end of the year!!

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Ok heres my story! Married to DH May 05 (I was 19 he was 20) started ttc right away. I started going to my first real ob/gyn I loved her she was young and sweet. Well come September I had been bleeding for 9 weeks straight I didnt like her anymore. I asked her about possible endometriosis and she told me there was nothing she could do for me Id have to be ttc for a year before she would even look at anything. I switched docs immediately. I had my first consult on 9/28. I told the doc what was going on and within 5 minutes he told me he would schedule me for a LAP to see what he could find. I assumed it was endo. Had surgery on 10/4 and all he said is see him in two days. So I went in on 10/6 he told me I had PCOS and that I would need to take Clomid if I wanted to get pg. Conveniently I started af that day so we could try that cycle. At that point I knew nothing about my body. All he told me was to take my temp everyday and take my pills cd5-9 and come in for my shot on cd14. There was nothing to worry about or fret about the tww I had no idea. Well thankfully we got pg on the first try got my BFP on cd27 and I now have a beautiful 2 yr old dd. We wanted our kids to be close together so after she was born we never used protection. I was hoping that the pregnancy would trigger something in me so I could get pg on my own. No such luck. 10/07 I decided it was time to get the clomid and trigger again. Of course I had a rediculously long cycle and didnt get to start until late November. I got my BFP on 12/14 just in time to tell everyone at Christmas. We made dd these adorable big sis shirts and had my mil help her open them at Christmas and thats how we told them. Everything was perfect no sickness no nothing I felt great. I went in for my first appt and she did an u/s everything looked fine. I do remember her saying something about oh its so small. I just brushed it off. At that appt she said I had a little yeast infection to go ahead and treat it over the counter. I get yeast infections a lot and they always clear up on their own so I didnt treat it. On 1/21 I had some yuck discharge so I decided to go ahead and treat for yeast infection. After three days it wasnt going away and it was a little pink/brownish when I wiped. I called the doc on Thursday she said she wanted me in there first thing in the morning for an U/S just to be safe. Thats when I knew. I tried to stay positive. The doc was really great about telling me that there was no more baby. Nothing in the sac at all. I was devastated. He told me to take the weekend and decide if I wanted to miscarry on my own and have a d&c. I didnt have to decide my body started to miscarry on its own on Sunday. The doc wanted me to come in for an u/s to make sure everything was out and it wasnt so I had to have the d&c anyway. We started ttc again in March, but I had switched docs after I found out I was pg and the new doc would only give me the clomid not the trigger so BFN. We just let things be after that. We decided to go back to the old doc and I am currently on CD 12. I took my clomid cd5-9 and will get my shot on Friday. I am excited but nervous. Hopefully things will work for us again.

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Well I just noticed this thread today and I've been part of this board since 11/07. So here's my story...
DH & I got married 4/05, we thought we would wait several years before ttc, and my doc mentioned that I might have some issues ttc so we moved that time frame up some. So in 11/07 I was put on clomid, did 5 cycles on it the dosages ranged from 50-150mg but never O'd so instead I had crazy long cycles. I started going to an RE in May and had an HSG everything was clear and proceeded to have the longest cycle (still on clomid) ever (it lasted 70 days). So I'm now CD 12 of my new cycle, I was put on Femara and follistim 100iu injections. Apparently the follies are actually growing this time so I'm just hoping that they'll get to a good size and I'll actually O this time, with the help of hcg shot of course and an IUI. DH & I are really hoping it works this cycle b/c I don't O on my own (or with clomid) and we can't afford to do too many of these cycles with injections and so much monitoring. Right now I'm just praying all the time and trying not to stress about it.

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I am new to the boards, but here is my story:

I am 28 and DH is 38. We were both previously married and divorced.

In Jan 2005, I went off of depo. I had been on depo for over 7 years. My cycle was very regular prior to starting depo. It took me 1.5 years to get AF back. Once it did come back it was 14 days apart. I put up with that for several months (I can't even remember how long) It sucked!!! I went to the dr and she recommended going on BC again to see if that would regulate my periods. I was on it for 3 months and then I was supposed to start clomid. Well, the BC regulated my period but by that time I was in the middle of a divorce and starting a relationship with very close friend of mine, so I opted to stay on BC.

Several months later, my relationship with my STB DH had become very concrete (we always knew we were suposed to be together). We were discussing having children and my problems with a regular AF. We jointly decided we needed to know if my cycle would regulate by itself going off bc because we wanted children together and I had been warned that it would probably be difficult for me to concieve when I don't ovulate. I went off bc, and my cycle was back to being irregular. I decided to rough it out and we would try clomid after we were offically married. After several months of trying but not really trying an accident occurred and we were both elated. We chose to keep it a secret until I made it past the danger zone (12 weeks). Unfortunately, at my last check up, there was no hb and I had a d&c in week 10. I was devastated.

The dr then made me wait to until AF came back and then 3 more months on bc. I finally started clomid this cycle. Day #1 was 10/8/08 and I started my first clomid pill of 50mg on day #5, 10/12/08. Our wedding is scheduled for 10/21/08 in cancun, mx. Which just happens to be day #14. I am hoping for a miricale in mexico.

On a side note - in the past several years I have went through several tests. All appear to be OK. I have not been told I have PCOS, but I wonder sometimes. I have done a littel research on my own, but not too much. When we did concieve on our own, I had been on the atkins diet (no carbs) for over a month. I lose a lot of weight quickly when I cut out carbs and I feel 10 times better. Unfortuntaley I have a hard time maintaining it because I love food. To cut out all bread and sugar makes your food less appealing (at least to me). But it just happens that after a month of no carbs, I o'd all by myself after 3 years on no o. It may just be a coinsidence, but who knows.

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Just getting serious...

I am 34, DH is 38. I actually quit BCP over 10 yrs ago, but we had so much going on personally, professionally, and spiritually that we just took the attitude that if it happened, it happened. I have always been fairly irregular, with long cycles that got longer as I got older. We've really begun to put down roots and settle some of those distractions over the past couple of years, and I went to an OB/GYN for my first appt in a long time. I told her we were finally getting serious, and she dx'd me w/PCOS (b/w & u/s). She gave me Provera to "clean out the pipes" and put me on BCP for a cycle to help normalize things. She was also nearing her due date, so she referred me to an RE to make sure I didn't fall through the cracks.

RE immediately had DH do an S/A in addition to proceeding w/my treatment. The first visit, I REALLY did not click w/her, so I just didn't reschedule. A few months later, I tried to switch back to the 1st OB, but she felt I would be better served w/an RE. Apparently she also mentioned the personality issue to the RE, b/c next visit, the RE was VERY friendly! She put me on Metformin ER (500mg). Because this was just before the holidays w/LOTS of travel & family events, we opted to wait on other treatment. DH had high volume, but very low motility and morphology at the test; however, he had a very serious cold/infection shortly before the test, and his body fights stuff by burning it off in his sleep. Because this could account for the low quality, RE was okay with just treating me for now, and if necessary, retesting DH later. In the meantime at her recommendation, he added a multi w/selenium, plus extra C & E to improve sperm quality. She gave me Provera to induce again since I had gone so long w/out AF. With just the met, I had a spontaneous cycle the next month, then a couple more that tapered off in duration and intensity of the actual AF--but they were each about a month apart! Not sure if I O'd, but I hadn't had any trace of a cycle that wasn't induced in so long, RE & I were happy I was responding.

After the holidays, I came back and we decided to start 1st round of Clomid. Again, she started w/Provera, then Clomid on CD3-7 (I think it was 50mg?), and OPK starting CD9, coming in for u/s CD14 if I hadn't O'd. It was time for my annual, so she decided to schedule that on CD14 as well. Meanwhile, the bureaucratic logjam that held up the approval on our first home finally let loose, so we were frantically packing! I arrived for the pelvic u/s dreading it, since the one that dx'd PCOS was rough and left me uncomfortable and cramping for a couple of days afterward. Plus, it was mid-Clomid cycle and I was feeling VERY full! Instead, the tech at the RE clinic was very gentle and explained what she was seeing. Then I had my annual about a half hour later, so more prodding. RE told me that if the follicles were mature enough, she would give me a trigger shot--had no clue this was coming, but since I hadn't been O'ing, I guess she didn't want to take any chances. I had 1 dominant follicle on one side, and 1 large and 2 slightly smaller follicles on the other, but none large enough for the trigger shot that day.

Scheduled another u/s the next day (CD15), but somehow ended up with the normal imaging clinic--the same clinic that performed my 1st u/s. She didn't have my scan from the previous day, so she had to do the whole thing again instead of just checking the follicles, and I swear she could have been playing air hockey in my uterus! I had to leave after the u/s to sign on the house, then return to see if I could have my trigger shot--sure enough, the dominant follicle was 19 (mm?), so they gave it to me w/ instructions to bd the next 3 nights. Today is CD18, and we're going to make it 4 nights just in case any of the other follicles matured enough to be fertilized--I don't know what size they were. We'd actually like twins--they run on both sides of our family, and I know that Clomid also increases the odds. I'm still a little tender from the air hockey u/s, or maybe it's just Clomid making the O announce itself aggressively. Other than that, I've had some mild hot flashes & night sweats, some fuzzy memory, vaguely lightheaded feelings, lower back soreness, and this evening just added a bit of nausea. As far as I know, this is the first time in YEARS that I've O'd, so I'm ecstatic! (Two times in years past, I'm fairly certain I had chemical pregnancies--but as you can tell, I haven't been regular in my cycle or charting. I only have the certainty of extremely unusual symptoms followed by MASSIVELY heavy cramping and bleeding.)

Anyway, I'm excited! My body is finally responding the way it should, even if DH is having to deal w/a hormonal woman for the 1st time in our marriage!