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2 Quick Questions

Hey Ladies- I have a couple questions since this will be my first time I have never CDing. At first I didn't think we were since I have to go back to work when the baby is 3 months old and we were going to put the baby in daycare. I was bummed because the daycare would not accept CDs. They said they would only use disposiables. BUT this week one of the SAHMs in my neighborhood said she would be happy to keep the baby when and she would take less money than the daycare. Woo Hoo This makes me so happy for multiple reasons: Money, CDs, and someone who I know will really take good care of my baby.

Anyway, I plan on buying 24 Econobum prefolds and 5 diaper covers. I was also going to get some pins since I figured I might want to try out different ways to fold the prefolds. And I will get a bag for them as well. Will that be enough to start us off? I really don't want to spend tons of money. The main appeal to me is the fact that we will be saving TONS of money since we are on a tight budget(hence the reason I have to go back to work.)

My other question is are there any moms who work full time and CD? I guess part of me is a little nervous about making sure they stay clean and I keep up with them during the week on top of all the other stuff I have to do after work. Should I maybe invest in a few more than normal to ensure my sanity each week or is washing them not as big of a pain as I am making it out to be?

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That's great!

I had 24 prefolds and four covers and washed about every 3rd day. Totally doable even for a working mom. And anyway, by 3 months you'll have a pretty good idea of how many you're going through and can always buy more if needed!

And I used Snappis rather than pins. MUCH easier, IMO, and you can still fold all the different ways.

Good luck!

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You've got PMs from me as you know. Smile