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    Default Adding to the stash

    For our showers, we were given several types of diapers.

    We have 3 x-small thirsties covers and one thirsties duo wrap (size 1) cover. We also have 12 newborn prefolds.

    We have 12 sunbaby pockets.

    We have one gdiaper in the newborn size.

    We have one thirsties duo wrap in size 2.

    To me, it feels like we've got prefold for when she's newborn and pockets for when she's older. But, I'd like to try some different things, too. What are your favorite brands and diapers that would round out our stash?

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    We <3 fitteds.
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    Your stash sounds a lot like mine...I am planning to use prefolds at the newborn stage and pockets later on. I also have some fitteds that I bought second-hand, but I won't be able to use them until later because I think they are a larger size. I haven't started cloth diapering yet, so I can't give any recommendations, but I'll be happy to hear what others think. Best of luck to you as your due date approaches!!

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    I also use the occasional fitted and like them. I had GMD workhorse diapers when we started out but I didn't like them. The snaps were too much to deal with with a newborn and poo escaped out onto the cover nearly every time because they just weren't as adjustable as my prefolds. I imagine I'd prefer a fitted with velcro better for a newborn. I have a set of old handme down Osocozy fitteds that I use all the time now. They don't make them anymore. They have snaps that are really easy to put on my squirming toddler and fit her very well now. I think they make velcro ones still.

    Are you all set with accessories; cloth wipes, wet bags, snappis, CD safe diaper cream?
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