Been CDing for 9 months and need help with washing!

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Been CDing for 9 months and need help with washing!

I am doing something wrong!

I have an HE front loader. I use Nellie's soda. And I soak every 2 weeks in the bathtub with generic oxyclean.

I somehow still have an odor problem. Not when they come out of the wash, but when the baby pees.

They will be all clean and fresh (or so it seems) until I use them and the baby pees.. it smells BAD of ammonia. I use sposies with the sitter and overnight (or when I run out of cloth and have to wash cause I forgot to wash before I ran out) and they don't smell, so I know it's not her fresh pee.

What am I doing wrong??

I cold wash/hot wash/rinse/rinse then send them through the dryer.

HELP? :confused:

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Ammonia smell usually means there's detergent left in the diapers. Not always, but usually. To fix it, tons of rinses. I've had this issue before from moving and forgetting to use less detergent than I was (was in super hard water area and moved to an area with MUCH softer water), and I spent an hour boiling anything that could be boiled so that I didn't have to do a billion rinses. I mostly use pockets, so I just boiled the inserts and gave the pocket covers a few rinses in the washer. Problem solved.
With your washing routine, it may be an issue with how much detergent you're using vs how much water you're able to get through your HE. I'm not a whole lot of help here unfortunately because I don't have HE experience with diapers. I know I've read of people putting heavy wet towels in their HE washer to trick it to use more water.

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I ran into an ammonia problem with a diaper I got second-hand. I just boiled it and that seemed to do the trick.

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I'd hate to have to boil my 25 diapers.. but I supposed I am just going to have to. How long do you boil them?