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BG 4.0 question

A friend of mine asked me about BG 4.0s and since I've never used them I thought I'd ask you lovely ladies! She has a two year old chunky monkey (37 lbs) and has thus far mostly used prefolds and covers. She was eying BG 4.0s at a local store and was wondering if they'd fit her big boy. If you wouldn't recommend them for her situation, what would you recommend? I like my Sunbabies for my chunky thighed girl but she's "only" about 26 lbs.

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When our son was big and outgrew the 3.0's, most of the Kawaii diapers still fit. Or Large FuzziBunz. I have heard the 4.0's are a little bit bigger but haven't tried them enough on a big child to notice a difference.

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We've used 4.0's on Em for overnight diapers since she was about 6 or 7 months old. She was 22.8 lbs and 32.4" at 18 months. They fit her skinny waist and chunky thighs well. We only have them in aplex (?)/velcro so I'm not sure how good the fit is in snaps.